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Lucky Nugget Casino - Login troubles

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Lucky Nugget Casino
Reason Missing Funds
Amount $ 120
Posted on July 24, 2014

It is a long story but can anyone help us please. My son had his own account at Lucky Nugget on his computer. New Year I got a new laptop and tried to open my own account at same casino. Everytime I downloaded it went directly to his account, no login, couldnt log out. Tried it went straight into his account. Finally got onto a good agent, Harriet, she helped, we talked on the phone and I got my own account on my laptop.

My computer crashed, I had it repaired, tried downloading Lucky Nugget and same thing. Goes directly to my sons account. They told us to exit and loging but we do not have that option. They can see the login box on their side of the screen which we do not have this side.

Before my computer crashed I won a bit of money and played it down to $120.00.I tried to withdraw that, sent the relevant documents, but they wanted my sons id as well which is not a problem.Except the account is in my name my visa card was used for the deposit and my son has his own separate account.

We have done everything they told us to, cookies, delete and download again and nothing is happening except it goes directly to my sons account and play money.

The casino said they would sort it out and I have no been waiting 5 or 6 days for an email.

Can anyone please us? I enjoyed playing Lucky Nugget.

Posted on October 16, 2013

The issue I had with Lucky Nugget has been resolved. I am now able to access my account. They emailed me and were very helpful. I am now enjoying playing there again.I wasnt sure where to post this.

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