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Loco Panda Casino - Wire Transfer Bounced

posted on May 16, 2014.

Finance Department

Loco Panda Casino

I am the username: alexva again. I have to inform you that today I show the Payment Order proof you provided me to my bank´s customer support department.

They contacted the International Transference Department in CITIBANK N.A New York and check it that the wire transference was bounced because of the

following reasons:

1. These are not the correct information I gave you in the faxback form.

2. Banco Cuscatlan de Panama, S.A is not the correct bank name. This bank was absorbed by Banco Citibank Panamá, S.A in 2010.

Intermediary Bank CITIBANK N.A

Address: 111 Wall Street FIFTH 5, Zone 1 New York, N.Y. 10043


ABA 021000089



Account 36084357 - This is the account number BANCO CITIBANK PANAMA, S.A has opened in CITIBANK N.A New York. (IT IS NOT MINE)

Beneficiary Name: Alexander Stephenson

Final Credit to my account number: 040-401-00-000708-6 - This is my domestic account number in BANCO CITIBANK PANAMA, S.A. (IT IS MINE)

Please I am in my right to receive my pending wire transfer for $145.99 according to these bank details. I need my deposit and my winnings

as soon as possible. Now after this confirmation in my bank (BANCO CITIBANK PANAMA, S.A) I will wait your response from your

side to resend my wire transfer in a correct way or look for other alternative payment method.

Complaint Department are waiting for my complaint about this case because I can be considered as victim of a internet fraud.

Alexander Stephenson

posted on April 5, 2012.

Alexva - Loco Panda sent you the money again. We hope it will get to you this time.


posted on April 5, 2012.

I hope they dont have difficulties this time with my complete bank information including the intermediary bank because it is necessary to send the money in a correct way. Last time they did not want to use it but I find in Bank of Cyprus web site that my intermediary bank: Citibank N.A is member of its correspondence bank ´s group in the world.

From my side, many thanks for your help. I was looking it since long time.

Now how long should I wait to get the wire from today?

posted on April 5, 2012.

We tried to reply before, no success I guess.

Alexva - Loco panda sent you the money again 2 days ago. We hope it will get to you this time.

posted on April 6, 2012.

I am waiting the confirmation or proof order payment for this new wire tranfer sent on 3-April from LocoPanda Finance Department. In my bank account the funds have not arrived yet.

I would like to know how long should I wait for the new wire transfer?

Can they confirm me the wire tranfer and details of it.



posted on April 10, 2012.

Loco Panda Casino, Please I am waiting the confirmation mail and order payment number for this new wire transfer sent on 3-April to username: alexva.

I need the tracking number to ckeck it in my local and intermediary bank.

It has been 6 business days up today. Anyway I will wait it until Friday 13th or

Monday 16th the funds.

posted on April 18, 2012.

Please someone in the site can help me. Askgambler Admin please. I have not received the wire transfer yet. They told you the wire was sent on 3-April again but it is not true because there is more than 10 business days and none funds in my bank account.

Last week they asked me for my official bank statement to check my full name, my account number, bank name and SWIFT. I already sent the statement and info since yesterday but any reply up today. They told me it was for double ckecking my details.

Please they are telling me the true. I need the true no more false afirmations. I need my funds to reach my account. How can they pay to another user: serenji more than 500 usd and cannot pay me only 145.00 usd. I dont want to complicate more this issue with more complaints to the Bank of Cyprus and here.

Please admin help me to solve this definitely.


posted on April 19, 2012.

 Loco Panda Casino's representative should answe to all your issues you posted in this complaint.

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