Genting Casino - Live blackjack software glitch

posted on April 18, 2016.

I deposited a total of £3000 playing live blackjack on the evening of 17/04. During my time playing I encountered problems with their transmition of dealer video/software as it would freeze and only show me the numbers what I was being dealt. The problem however is I never got an option to stick, stand or double down as the buttons were missing. This happened on more than one occassion and my last hand I was dealt a 4 and 3, dealer with a 7 but I had not option to hit as no button available. All it showed was the dealer hitting a 10 and me sticking on 7 losing the hand.

I contacted genting who said they would contact the suppliers to find out what was going on and then they would contact me back, no timeframe given even though I asked. I contacted them today and I was told the problem with my internet connection and I autofolded the hand due to this. My arguement is how do I know it was my connection? Also if the connection was so bad how comes it showed dealer hitting a 10 and me sticking? Connection is good enough to show me losing.

I have played live blackjack with numerous casinos all through evolution and have never experienced anything like this before.

I feel this is unexceptable from the casino and am requesting my deposits back due to these issues I experienced. Failure to do this and I will put in a chargeback request to get my money as I clearly had no chance of winning, just handing over my money. Should a connection be so bad wouldn't it be terminated and hands aborted due to connection issues rather than just take a players money??

posted on April 22, 2016.

Good afternoon,

Genting are looking into this situation with our live dealer game provider Evolution. Unfortunantely as this is a complex situation which is difficult to prove/disprove, this is taking sometime to come up with a resolution.

We will be in touch once we have more information.

Kind regards

Genting Affiliates

posted on April 22, 2016.

When I contacted your customer services department they told me you had already been in contact with your suppliers and had been told that its was a connection issue. As a result my hands were autofolded and my loses valid. Now all of a sudden its hard to prove/disprove. If there was a problem with the connection how comes it showed what hands were being dealt, the countdown timer elapsing and the what the dealer was drawing. Connection good enough to show all this yet not provide me with the option of hitting, standing or doubling down. This looks like a case of giving me the run around and stringing this out when all you could do is the right thing and refund my deposits.