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Lincoln Casino - Given the runaround on $2,500 payment

Posted on April 30, 2019

Hello. I have had some frustrations with this casino in the past, but as I did receive some payments successfully, I continued to play there. However, I am disturbed enough by this latest experience that I think a complaint is warranted, and I am still trying to collect my cashout.

I submitted a withdrawal request for the maximum permitted of $2500 in early February. I waited several weeks before this was processed, but I figured this was because I'd received other winnings from casinos around the same time that operated with the same payment processor, hence causing delays. I finally received the email from Lincoln Casino on March 12th that my withdrawal had been processed by wire to my bank account.

Based on my prior faster turnaround times, I reached out to them on the 20th to confirm that the payment had been indeed processed without issues, as it had not yet appeared in my account. They confirmed that the payment was in transit and asked me to be patient, as it could take 10 to 14 business days to show up.

So I waited until April 2nd -- at which point it was well beyond what I had experienced with them before -- and reached out again to ask for the wire information so that I could check with my bank. They would not provide this information, indicating (after much inquiry) that the payment is sent by a service provider, and apparently they are somehow unable to obtain this data. They said the wire was sent on March 12th, and in order to investigate, they would need to receive a copy of my full bank statement since then.

I found this very odd -- I needed to prove that I did NOT receive a payment by showing all of my sensitive data and account information that should be irrelevant to them, rather than them providing any detail around the wire that was allegedly sent? If they legitimately sent a wire to the right bank account, shouldn't they be able to provide a reference number or information that I could take to my bank? I objected to the request, but ultimately after much back and forth, it was made clear to me that I would never receive my payment if I did not provide proof of NON-receipt. (During this period, I still received no answers as to the account number to which it was allegedly sent, the wire reference number, etc. In fact, it took a lot of effort even to get them to say unequivocally that the wire WAS sent on the 12th! At first they just wanted this information from me without even confirming one way or the other whether a wire had in fact gone out.)

On April 4th, I gathered my account information and went through the painstaking process of redacting anything sensitive, while still leaving the amount for each transaction visible so that the could verify that there were no receipts in the amount they were claiming was sent. They wanted everything from March 12th forward, and my latest official bank statement went through March 12th, so I provided that. As the March 12th-April 11th statement would not be available for another week or two, I pulled all transactions after March 12th directly from my online account, showing proof of the exact search and filters I included to ensure everything was listed, then again redacted all the sensitive information, leaving sufficient data to show that no such payments were received.

I'll spare you the details on how this was received, but suffice it to say it wasn't enough. They wanted the official bank statements for everything after March 12th, despite the fact that such statements weren't even prepared by my bank yet, which in and of itself I view as a stalling tactic. Since I seemingly had no choice but to wait, I did so -- then provided the redacted version of the subsequent statement once it was published, again showing exactly what had been communicated to the casino them all along. (Much of their responses during this interim period didn't even make sense....saying things like I had only shown "aggregate" transactions, instead of the individual ones, which was flat out untrue. What I provided showed every single individual transaction during the period, and the filters demonstrated this to be the case. I half expected them to ask me for a login to my bank account! This whole ordeal was a huge red flag to me.)

Finally, this last Monday, I provided the updated redacted information for everything from March 12th through April 12th. When no response by Wednesday, I followed up. The cashier came back and indicated that they are investigating, but the processor remained "adamant" that they had sent the wire and it had not been returned. This was crazy to me.....their service provider was "adamant" of this (despite proof that no such funds were ever received during the period in the account to which they claimed it had been sent), but were unwilling or unable to provide a single piece of evidence or substantiation as to having sent it?

Finally, after laying out for the umpteenth time my concerns and questions about this, the cashier (Desiree) came back and said they had received confirmation from their service provider that the transfer was returned. No explanation. No apology. No recognition that what they had been telling me for over a month had been flat out untrue. Or why something that could easily have been checked at the earliest mention of non-receipt of the wire was not, whereas it was demanded that I turn over two months worth of bank transactions to prove that it had NOT come through.

I expected some sort of reassurance that the wire had been or would be promptly re-sent (hopefully along with some sort of wire reference number or other useful information this time). Indeed, I was told the funds had been credited to my account and should show up there when I checked -- which I wrongly interpreted as being the same bank account to which they allegedly sent the wire in the first place. But it turns out they credited the funds back to my online casino account. I was somewhat incredulous about this -- after having cashed out in February and being given the run-around through nearly May, the solution is to start back at the very beginning again and initiate a new cash-out process?? I've contacted them again a couple times, asking for another (faster) solution, a re-issuance of the wire, even an explanation as to what had actually happened. I've received no response.

I did not know until coming across this site that Lincoln Casino was blacklisted. I have given them and their sister casinos a ridiculous amount of my money over the years. And I have received *some* payments, albeit with some headaches along the way, but this one feels more like an experience with a rogue casino than I've experienced with them before.

If there is any way you can assist me with receiving the withdrawal that has been allegedly "in process" for three months now, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your help.

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