Grand Parker Casino - Owes me from October

posted on May 4, 2014.

They are nothing but thiefs I've won three times the first one I was declined payment in fair grounds the second time I was declined 300 Because they said I played a game I was not supposed to which was a lie I had finished my play through and wanted to try the cards... But my favorite was the last one.. Since October I won 390 dollars week after week they will say they couldn't find the money, that my account didn't take it in , a few times I was actually with chase on the phone searching anything coming in to my ne, I requested a check and by December nothing... I send this email with pictures of their conversations I had, with managers, about the withdraws and 2 day later they closed my membership for security issues.. Now they never said they were not gonna pay me.. I emailed them and never a replies tried to open an account et again.. I can't.. They played me really nasty