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LevelUp Casino - Deposit funds missing


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LevelUp Casino


$ 50

Traps323 New Zealand
Posted on November 28, 2023

As of 22 November 2023, I encountered an issue whilst depositing $50, the payment was made via my visa debit card which as shown has left my account, in which the deposit on the casino site is showing as pending payment. I was told that they would update me via email, once they have heard back from the payment provider, but have not done since.. Its been roughly 5days now

Posted on November 30, 2023

Dear TRAPS323 and AskGamblers team,

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. We understand the importance of resolving this matter promptly.

Upon investigating the deposit issue you reported, we found that the transaction was not completed on the payment system’s side.

After carefully reviewing the provided statement, we noticed no payment was recorded towards LevelUp. It appears that the funds were not deducted from your account for this specific transaction. Please note that the player is reaching out to us regarding LevelUp Casino, but the only transaction provided with any relevance to us is the transaction for LuckyElf Casino.

To assist you further, we kindly request that you provide proof of payment with a finalized status, such as ‘Success’ or a similar confirmation. This documentation should include relevant details such as transaction statuses, references, and timestamps. Once we receive this information, our support team will gladly investigate and resolve the issue promptly.

We appreciate your patience in this matter. Our team is committed to ensuring a swift resolution, and we look forward to receiving the necessary proof to assist you further.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

Best regards,
LevelUp Casino Team

Posted on December 2, 2023

Dear @Traps323,

The AskGamblers Complaint Team is kindly asking you to update your complaint in a timely manner and confirm if the required document has already been sent to the LevelUp Casino team accordingly.

Please keep in mind that as per the AGCCS Terms and Guidelines which you accepted upon registering and using our complaints system, you are obliged to provide the necessary level of assistance and cooperation during the process. Should you refuse sending the required document or fail to update your complaint in a timely manner, we will have no other choice but to reject the case and recommend you to forward it to the relevant regulatory body.

Thanks for your cooperation.