King Neptunes Casino - Manager making false claims. Poor customer service and NO bonuses

posted on December 9, 2013.

I have always been a loyal player with King Neptunes casino. A couple of months ago I had requested a free bonus from an online chat rep and was transferred to a manager. This particular manager gave me free spins. However, I was not given my deposit bonus as she stated that I agreed to forfeit my deposit bonus in lieu of the free spins. This is absolutely false as a deposit bonus is worth more $ than the free spins.

Then, this same manager told me that I agreed to NEVER receive free bonuses EVER! Completely ridiculous... why would I ever agree to that??

I have still deposited a bit since that incident, hoping things would change, but they haven't! I have taken this issue up with several chat reps and other managers, but nothing has been resolved.

The casino is now saying that I don't play enough to deserve free bonuses... not true! They are trying to cover up their mess!

Furthermore, I was told by a chat rep the other day that if I maxed out my deposit bonus offer, I'd get something free, but if I chose not to, then I could come back on chat after the deposit bonus promotion was up (35hrs) and would most likely be given something free. I did so. I still got NOTHING!!

I am disgusted with this casino.

In order for this to be resolved, I would like to be given a substantial free bonus (free spins or cash to play with). Otherwise, I am going to keep my account closed and will never return to King NEptunes casino.