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Mr Ringo Casino - No money, no help from support

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Mr Ringo Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount € 1900
Posted on July 23, 2017

Hello! I have problem with MrRingo.com

I have now wrote for about twenty e-mail (cause they dont have chat) without answer when my trustly withdraw Will arrive. I make the withdraw a week ago.

I have before this send them all my documents to be accepted. Then they answer the most of my mail, but now not a word. Even if I send 3 or 4 mail per day.

The withdraw is for about 1900 euro and I have a little bit moore in my account to.

So what to do?

I really need my money...

Posted on July 24, 2017

Good afternoon Jontemyra,

After contacting the appropriate department regarding your current underlying issue. The reason that no payment process has begun by your account at the current time is because you have not activated a withdrawal. You still have your sum on your player balance. Please request a withdrawal.

@Askgamblers, please close this complaint as it is a technical issue and nothing more.

Kind regards

Posted on July 26, 2017

Thanks för your answer. Both here and a New mail there I can read that the withdraw is coming soon.

But I still have a few questions.

Why are your support so slowly? I have written about 20 mail and no answer, no chat support?

And what happend if I dont get my money in a couple of days from now? Could I write here again then?

Other betting sites I make a withdraw from with trustly arrived for a few hours. Why are you so slowly?

I really need my money to pay bills this week so I hope you be quickly like all other betting sites with the pay out now?! 😊

Posted on July 27, 2017

Good afternoon Jontemyra,

in regards to your questions.

The chat support should be available and the mails should be answered. Thank you for notifying me of this, as I will be speaking to them finding out exactly why that specified mails are not being answered in the fashion they should be.

If you would not recieve your proceedings, then yes, please reply as I will be taking care of the matter to ensure you recieve it.

That would have to do with the financial structure. The rough timeframe for the withdrawals themselves is 1-2 days.

I would again, like to kindly ask that you request the withdrawal, if not I would like to ask Askgamblers for the second time now, to close the complaint, as there currently is no underlying issue.

Kind regards.

Posted on July 27, 2017

Thanks för the answer!

Yes! För me it is find if you pay out the money, then we can close the case.
But now is it more than 24 hours I write to you so I hope the money will arrive för the next hours.

Otherwise I of course write back again.
But to which E-mail?
And the chat is not Open yet, or where can I find it?

I hope I should not be afraid to play in your site again...


Jontemyra Sweden
Posted on July 29, 2017

Hi again!

So what has happend since your last answer?!

× I have been writing 2 New mail to check out what happend but now answer this time either. So what E-mail should I mail to get answer?

× The chat support is still not Open, why?

× I check out when I request my withdraw, 16 July. So what happend? So many days för a withdraw with trustly? You Said 1-2 days...
(In the other betting sites it just take a couple of hour to recieve a withdraw with trustly)

× Now when I log in I cant see my account balance, can just see my withdraw I request, but it stand waiting there. So what has happend with my other balance I have? Why cant I see it?

× So please send me my withdraw, then we can end this case...

Posted on July 31, 2017

Hi again!

I have now been talking to my bank office so they can are that I have money, just not get them from you yet.

Cause I need to have my money to my bill ( already a couple of Days late)

So now them know that I can pay as quickly I get my money from you.

Are they coming today?

Really need the money now...

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