10Bet Casino - Accused me in irregular gameplay and confiscated winnings and deposits

hurricanez Norway
posted on November 10, 2014.

Hi Askgamblers. I have been in touch with 10bet.com regarding this, and they dont care about me on this matter. they have found it for good that they have confiscated my money. I deposited 2000NOK and then 2200NOK and then 200NOK and i won total 2800NOK and i tryed to withdraw them. My total withdraw was on 7400 NOK. And they say i have irregular gameplay, after reading the rules i think that i had a bet over 5%, but if i this is bonus abuse, can they take my deposits ? They really dont care what i say to them. the case is final with them. but im not done with them. because what they are doing is stealing my money. If 10bet.com does not reply to this i will make an complaint to dems license in curacao about this.

posted on November 11, 2014.

Dear hurricanez,

It is interesting that you are demanding anything from the site since you have been involved in fraudulent activity twice - once in December 2013 - January 2014 and back then we did not close your account and now you are doing the same thing again. Here is what hurricanez did:

Firstly, hurricanez has been detected to be related to other accounts of other Norwegian players who exhibited the same fraudulent pattern. Secondly, bonuses are available once per household, per IP, per person and per computer as stated in our terms and conditions. hurricanez has been detected as linked to other accounts by the system which makes him ineligible for bonuses to begin with, and he has claimed plenty of them. Thirdly, you lost your deposits except the last one of 200 NOK, however your winnings were obtained through fraudulent play therefore your account is now closed. Our decision is final.


hurricanez Norway
posted on November 11, 2014.

This was an answer i did not expect from 10bet.com. In my account, there has been NO fraudlent activety according to your terms. And what other persons does with an shared IP connection, i cant do anything about that. What other norwegian players does, you can not connect them to me! i dont know other players at 10bet.com, so i dont think it's fair to say this. Maby my game play was not fair against you, but your casino does not care what i say. If your site have an clear message in terms about my gameplay, then the terms should stand there, but they are not in the terms. also, i did never recive any 200kr. my balance was in 0 when i logged in to my account 11/10-2014. If im correct, in november 2013 i lost at your casino and stoped to play there if im not correct?. it tok me 1 year to play at your casino again. And i have my reasons to beleve that your site cheat with the RNG system ( bypassing the system or something ). it's allmost impossible to win at your site. the slot's on your site wont pay out like an other casino. If i had lost my money Michelle, then you would never have said anything about this. But please stop and say that i am playing or connected to other norwegian players, because im NOT. my deposit was done by me and not with any other players or ip add. I hope your casino can send me an transcript of transacions to my e-mail. Regarding the 4600NOK, im not giving up this case. thats because your casino accuses me of fraud, and this is NOT true at all. But one thing more. When I think about it, it was wrong to use your bonus since I've used this before for 1 year ago. This is something I had forgotten. I believed it was ok since it came up messages all the time and tell me to use the code. Sorry for that 10bet.com. But it is not ok to take my deposit money. What will happen to the 7400nok ? does the money go in to your pocket Micelle, who will get this money? this is what i call fraud!

posted on November 14, 2014.

Dear hurricanez,

we've refunded you deposit of 200 NOK and thhese should be processed shortly. The other 2 deposits are lost as you know. Your account will remain closed.


hurricanez Norway
posted on November 15, 2014.

Hi Michelle.

This was not an good try.
None of the question i asked for did you answer.
I think this is the time to move on to your gaming license,
BC what your casino does it directly fraud to steal 4400kr.

To Askgamblers: This is not resolved, but i do not think i will get any way with this on askgamblers. Thanks for your site!

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