Intragame Casino won't pay my bonus!!!

posted on May 16, 2013.

Yesterday I signed up for an account with intragame casino via where they were offering a 111% deposit match. When logged in to the casino I thought I would use the live chat to make sure I was eligible to recieve the bonus before I made my deposit. Simon as he was called, Said to me that I was eligible and that if the bonus didn't show up to get back to him and he would add it. The bonus wasn't added so I got back to simon who then told me to hold, I waited for 10 minutes and then was cut off with no explanation. I relaunched the live chat and reach another 'simon' who then told me that the website was having technical problems and they couldnt add my bonus today but if I was patient they would add the match and some extra for my inconvenience. By this point I felt I was being mucked about but agreed. I logged back in today and not only is there no bonus but the live chat won't respond to me full stop! I just want my bonus that is owed to me. Not that I hold up much chance of making the wagering if there payout is as bad as there customer service.