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posted on July 20, 2012.

This is a copy of the transcript with the Customer Service at Loco Panda Casino:

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Chat start time Jul 20, 2012 12:25:57 PM EST

Chat end time Jul 20, 2012 1:03:47 PM EST

Duration (actual chatting time) 00:37:49

Operator Jennifer

Chat Transcript

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Jennifer: Thank you for playing at Loco Panda, my name is Jennifer. How can I help you?

rocco7108: Hey! I tried to use the coupon BOOGIE but it didnt work, can U please tell me why?

Jennifer: May I have your username, please?

rocco7108: rocco7108

Jennifer: I will be happy to redeem this coupon for you. How much would you like to deposit?

Jennifer: Would you like to try our great bonuses?

rocco7108: whats the best bonus then?

rocco7108: deposit 100

Jennifer: You will have only $500, but if you deposit $150 you will have amazing $1250 guaranteed cash back of $70!

Jennifer: and*

Jennifer: you will have guaranteed $70 cash back

rocco7108: and if I deposit 200? :)

Jennifer: In order to get free chip you will need to contact account manager and he will authorized cash back for you.

rocco7108: but howmuchdo I get to play for if I deposit 200 ??

rocco7108: and the wagering times?

Jennifer: If you deposit $200 you will have $1000, and playthrough will be $30000

Jennifer: But offer of $1250 is much better :)

Jennifer: ust think about it. Minimum deposit, minimum bets, minimum payouts OR higher deposit, higher bets and much higher payouts


rocco7108: and the wagering times for the 150 offer? how many times?

Jennifer: The wagering is the same, 30 times, But think when you have more money on playable balance, you have more chances to hit jack pot

rocco7108: done!! ;)

Jennifer: But you can add $100 more and will get $1250!

rocco7108: do U credit my bonusplease?

rocco7108: U wrote: You will have only $500, but if you deposit $150 you will have amazing $1250 guaranteed cash back of $70!

rocco7108: which I did, I deposited 150 as U said

Jennifer: I mean $150 more and in total $250, and you will get $1250 to play with

rocco7108: thats not what U said! Keep your promise please

Jennifer: $100 more and you will additional $500 on balance

Jennifer: I'm sorry for this mistake

rocco7108: well then I withdraw the deposit again and go toanother casino, I thought U were one of the good casinos!

rocco7108: ok!.

Jennifer: Bonus of 400%

Jennifer: and $150 plus this bonus

rocco7108: I asked U ! and U TOLD ME!

rocco7108: tired of arguing so, TY!

Jennifer: I apologize for this

Jennifer: Michael, I'm so sorry for this.

Jennifer: I just missed one word

rocco7108: dont bother, I am making a withdraw so

Jennifer: I can redeem coupon for you

rocco7108: not nececcery

Jennifer: and you will have $750 to play with

rocco7108: I rather get my 150 back

Jennifer: I'm really for this mistake

rocco7108: ok

Jennifer: And refund process will take a long time

Jennifer: And I suggest you to enjoy our welcome bonus

rocco7108: I have time...and will post this on

rocco7108: This transcript I mean

Jennifer: And you will have $750 on your playable balance

info: Your chat transcript will be sent to michae­lin­il6­061­[email protected]­ at the end of your chat.

rocco7108: Have a good one!

Jennifer: Are you sure you want to withdraw? It will take a long time to withdraw money, And you can enjoy our welcome bonus of high percentege

rocco7108: then correct it and fix it!...I KNOW U can do that!

rocco7108: since the coupon BOOGIE I asked for was going to give me 400% AND 100% cashback if I deposited more then 100, and U offered me 70.....come on now

Jennifer: I would really glad to add 400% bonus on top of your deposit $150.

rocco7108: Like I said, or U said,...DEPOSIT 150 INSTEAD OF 100 AND I WILL GIVE U 1250!....if problems occour ALREADY...I am afraid what would happened IF I would even win! NO THANX!

Jennifer: I just contacted my manager, and he authorized $150 cashback after you done playing with our Boggie bonus because we really appreciate you as a new player in our casino

rocco7108: I am done!...Have a good evening Jennifer!

Jennifer: because according the promotion, the 100% cashback is valid for the fixed amounts of deposit:Get 400% for Slots Use code: BOGGIE

Jennifer: And Get Extra Free Cash

Jennifer: $21 Deposit to play with $105 & Get $15 Free Cash!

Jennifer: $100 Deposit to play with $500 & Get $75 Free


What´s your standpoint on this?

posted on July 24, 2012.

Can´t beleive that they don´t even respond!

Put them on the blacklist!

posted on July 25, 2012.


rocco7108 -- Please specify what you were offered and what you received. It's hard to follow this chat transcript--I will make sure to find a solution.

Thundercat -- Our casino group paid over $50,000 to Askgamblers members alone, so before pointing fingers please check the facts.

Thank you.

posted on July 25, 2012.

"Thundercat -- Our casino group paid over $50,000 to Askgamblers members alone, so before pointing fingers please check the facts."

That was not the point, as far as I am concerned, You can pay millions, the fact still remains that You do NOT keep what You promise.

AND that is NOT a good start to a relationship, not in my world.

All I asked was to get the 400% bonus & the 100% cashback at the end of my playing, that´s all!....but was offered something completely different!