Grand Parker Casino - WON'T REFUND MY $50.00 DEPOSIT &$54.00 Bal.

johnnycycle United States
posted on January 1, 2014.

On 12/09/13 I deposited $50.00 into my account at Grand Parker Online Casino, as they were having a deposit bonus that day,as they sent me an email.( I have spent over $1000.00 in the last 8 months playing with them) After I made my deposit the cashier informed me that I didn't qualify for a bonus because I still have a $54.00 balance. They told me that I would have to have a zero balance and then make a deposit to qualify for the deposit bonus.Thereafter I requested a refund of my $50.00 (Bank Debit Mastercard) back into my bank account. When the cashier turned me over to a line mgr. he told me that he would credit me back the $50.00 Well these CROOKS not only refused to give me back my $50.00, they simply locked me out of their system On my bank statement the following indicates my deposit to Grand Parker 1888520628 wwwtripdates.n 1885206281 Reference # 734285­74-­---­---­---­Despite repeated requests for a refund they say they will inform their credit dept. for a refund, but that never happens.----TO EVERYONE OUT THERE--DONT PUT YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY IN GRAND PARKER--YOU WILL BE RIPPED OFF !!!!