Grand Parker Casino - Not sure i will ever see my winnings, Please Help!!

posted on November 28, 2013.

I honestly love playing with Grand Parker and recently won a jackpot but have not been able to collect my winnings. It's almost impossible to get straight answers from the finance department. they submitted a wire transfer that was denied by my bank because the money was being wired from Cyprus. Since then i have been trying to have the casino wire the money from another country that is not a high risk for fraud with no avail. They have been trying to send me a check and i keep telling them that the bank will not honor a check from a high risk fraud country. Their customer service says that the money was coming from Curacao but their finance department says something else. I dont understand why they cant wire the money from another country since i was told that the check would not come from Cyprus. I am just trying to collect my winnings before Christmas. Why, if i was told by the finance dept that the check is not coming from Cyprus, cant they just wire the money to my bank. Its almost a month and i am yet to see a dime! so frustrating!! I am still hoping that this Casino is not a scam since i really enjoy playing the slots. i will keep you all informed of the outcome.

posted on September 23, 2014.

We got evidence from the casino that this player was paid, long time ago. @nsoohon, can you confirm please.