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Grand Parker Casino has not paid me

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Disputed casino Grand Parker Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Posted on September 23, 2014


I played at Grand Parker Casino. I summitted a request for withdrawal back on the 9th of October and still have not received my withdrawal. I submitted for 2500.00 and only was approved for 1000.00 that check was supposed to have been mailed on the 17th of october, by way of fedex and I still have not received it. I called fedex and they have no record of it being sent. Everytime I try and contact the finance department I get no response. Then I try live chat and I am directed to finance. I feel like I am getting the run around. I need some help please. I would like the tracking number so that I can track the package if it was really sent to me.

Posted on November 5, 2012

I stll have not received my money. I have asked for the tracking number and have been told more than once that they do not have it; they will have to get it from their check issuing company. I have won from other casinos and have always received my money even if it was slow I recevied it with in 15 days of cashing out. I am very disappointed in Grand Parker Casino.

Posted on November 6, 2012

I see Grand Praker still has not responded. I still have not receive my check. I keep getting emails saying I will receive it shortly. I still have not been given a tracking number for my check. I will keep you all posted

Posted on November 10, 2012

I still have not received my check. They are blaming it on the strom. I dont even live near the strom. I still do not have my tracking number and still no check and no response from Grand Parker Casino. I this is ridiculous!!!!! and unfair.

Posted on September 23, 2014

We got evidence from the casino that this player was paid and that he/she are still playing in this casino.

Grand Parker Casino Complaints

  • 31 of 64 resolved
  • 3 days avg response
  • 1 month avg complaint life
  • 1,584 USD avg amount

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