Grand Parker Casino - casino game gone bad

posted on September 22, 2013.

I was playing a casino slot game and notice that something was wrong. The format changed and no points would register. I contacted customer service and told them what i noticed. A gentleman told me that i was just being unlucky the game was fine. I proceeded making several mor deposits and lost several thousand dollars when all of a suddent the game stopped and it said said something ws wrong with the program to contact customer service. so i did so, I was pretty upset so the 1st thing they do is not allow me back into the site. i complained about them still taking out deposits and they finnally let me be able to sign back in and check deposits. I was told that the program had a bug within and that they would refund my money. They reapplied about $1800 BACK INTO MY CARDS so i contacted the lady i was deeling with through emai.My account again is sespended and finnaly she got back with me answeing a email and told me to be patient that she wasnt aware of how much money they owed me back. I have all this in emails. Finnaly 1 month later they applie $111 back to one of my cards aND NOW THEY DONT ANSWER MY EMAILS.