Grand Parker Casino - account closed

posted on January 30, 2014.

I had my account closed at Grand Parker after being a player for years. I was also a VIP player and made a couple of withdrawals. The reason given was that I was a security risk which I have a very difficult time understanding since I never had a problem with this site. Of course, my account was closed on all of Grand Parkers sister sites. Similarly I had my account closed on a couple of other sites but re-opened with an apology at Intertops after management was nice enough to look into the matter and saw it was a mistake.

I asked Grand Parker for further clarification and received no answer from them. Further, I contacted chat and they merely repeated the company line that it was a security decision.

I think what upsets me is their refusal to admit it was a mistake which it was 100% and that will not even acknowledge my repeated request for a further inquiry. I don't think they really care which makes me very hostile towards this site. I would appreciate a follow up1