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Grand Fortune Casino - Bonus not credited on slot game

jteague United States
posted on February 18, 2014.

I hit the bonus round on the Naughty and Nice Spring Break game. I was wagering $2.10 at the time. I got a bonus of 100x the bet and 20x. Neither bonus was credited to my acct and management refused to acknowledge this mistake saying I was credited. I would notice if my balance went from $45 to $307. It only credited me around $2.00. I will not play at this gaming site again and warn other players that your complaint will not be given fair treatment.

posted on September 5, 2014.

This complaint has been reopened upon casino's request.

posted on September 8, 2014.

Dear JTeague,

I trust that you are well.

Firstly let me apologize for only getting back to you now, I have recently joined the Fast Track Affiliate Team and came across your complaint .

My name is Whirney and I am one of the managers working at Fast Track Affiliates
This is with regards to your issue or complaint logged with Askgamblers with regards to one of our slot games

Our support manager has assist us with an explanation below that I hope will most certainly give you a more clearer understanding with regards to the game rules and the terms and conditions.

Our suppor­[email protected]­ran­dfo­rtu­nec­asi­ will be more than happy to credit your casino account with $100 to try out any of our other slot games.

Please take a moment to read the reply below;

Login: jteague
Game Number: 2803915

The payout on one of the game results of the game called “Naughty or Nice Spring Break game” The result in question seems to be on the date of 16/02/2014.

Game number: 2803915

Payout on that according to our results was - $25.55

The Player’s bet was $2.10 and the player played Compulsory 30 Lines as the game rules implies. This results in the player having a coin denomination of $0.07c per line totaling in $2.10 (0.07*30) – 5 reel game.

The Player in the forum said that they were paid out incorrectly, we checked the system and all was in order.

The results will indicate the below:

Game number – 2803915 – Payout was $25.55.

Player results shown below is the reel result:

The results in Pay-lines shown Below (pay-lines PAID) :

The results explained.

Player had -

Three J’s on Pay-line 1 & 19.
3J’s = 5 Coins. Total PAID - 10 Coins

Two Santa’s on Pay-line 4,8 & 28.
2 Santa’s = 10 Coins. Total PAID – 30 Coins.

3 Nines on Pay-line 5,14 & 29.
3 Nines = 5 Coins. Total PAID – 15 Coins.

3 Tens on Pay-line 13 & 22.
3 Tens = 5 Coins. Total PAID – 10 Coins.

Three Santa’s on Pay-line 15.
3 Santa’s = 100 Coins. Total PAID - 100 Coins.

Five J’s on Pay-line 30.
5J’s = 200 Coins. Total PAID – 200 Coins.

Total Amount of COINS Paid – 365 Coins.

The Payout in $ is 365 *0.07 = $25.55.

According to the systems results the payout was correct. It seems the Player Thought that the Payout would be 100X plus 20. Ou will find in this result there was a 100X + 200X and the smaller wins on the different pay-lines as explain above. The player did win 100X And 200X plus the smaller results which was a Total of 365. However it’s NOT $365.00, it was 365 COINS X 0.07 Coin denomination (Per line) which has an actual win value of $25.55.

We looked at all of the game results for the Game called “Naughty or Nice Spring Break game” The average bet remained, similar and the coin size per line remained at 0.07 as an average bet. The game number which we explained above is the highest win the player had with the gaming session in question. According to our results the game paid out accordingly and the results are correct.

Payouts are calculated using Bet per line, Average bet per line or Total bet depending on the game rules. Excluding feature Guarantee side bet.

In this instance the payouts were calculated using bet per line in accordance to the game rules.

You can view the payout structure as per the game rules in the attached file.

Thank you
Kind Regards,
Whirney Titus
Affiliate Manager

Tel: +27 11 4408445
Email: Whirne­[email protected]­ast­tra­cka­ffi­lia­
Skype : whirney.titus
Have a great day!

jteague United States
posted on September 8, 2014.

I will accept the $100 chip. Please let me know the max cash out for this. Thank you for your response

posted on September 9, 2014.

Dear JTeague,

I trust that you are well.

We would like to apologize again for any inconvenience.

We have added the $100.00 to your account.

Please note the following:
The Playthrough is a fixed amount of $3000.00 and the Withdrawal limit is fixed at $500.00.

Should you have more queries with regards to our games please do not hesitate to contact our support team at suppor­[email protected]­ran­dfo­rtu­nec­asi­

Thank you

Kind Regrads,
Whirney Titus

Have a fantastic day!