Genting Casino complaint

posted on October 24, 2011.

This complaint is really annoying heres the reason..I am a romanian lass but have lived in the Uk since 2004 .i spoke to live support at this casino / poker room through the website and asked if i would have any issues whatsoever creating and depositing a new acct because i am in romania on a visit at the moment.I kept a transcript of the chat which i have and louis i spoke to said you will have no issues at all .so i creates an acct and deposits and login start playing and am asked by online support why i am ijn romania and i explain the chat i had beforehand .he advises your acct will be locked till you send us documents to which i explained was the reason i had that chat beforehand ..I wanted then to speak to or an email address of a manager to make a complaint and was swiftly booted out the software I of course realised that having a uk address and a romanian IP would cause an issue hence the reason i of course asked online chat first if there was to be an issue. I am absolutely appalled at the way this clip joint has treated me and wish to make this complaint.

posted on October 25, 2011.

Unfortunately the information you was provided with was misunderstood by the agent in question, the agent thought you was asking if you could login to the account and this has been personally fedback to the agent and we have apologised profusely for this error, it is not something which was done on purpose but a genuine mistake, simple human error.

This unfortunately, does not detract from the fact that an account was opened, in Romania with a UK Address and a UK payment method registered to the account which alerted our security department to the fact that someone in Romania was trying to open and access a UK account, behaviour which could be typical of ID Theft and as such, a decision was made to suspend the account and request documentation which only the true owner of the payment method would have access too.

This is in line with our standard account terms and conditions which the client has accepted upon opening the account (regardless of the information given by the chat support agent). These terms have been checked and authorised by our license holder, the AGCC and unfortunately, if the client wishes to continue to operate an account with us, or withdraw the funds from the account, the documentation is required.

Again, we extend our apologies for the mis-information given, this has been dealt with internally.

posted on October 25, 2011.

i dont want this to turn into a to and fro - the problem i have is which part of the i want to SIGNUP was your agent struggling with it clearly shows on the transcript because im not stupid i knew that this event might occur because of where i am at the moment and tried to go to lengths to make sure it would not occur..theres also the other matter of when i logged in i asked for an email for a manager to discuss this and was promptly booted from the poker room...great customer service you have at your casino i must say...

posted on October 25, 2011.

You have recieved an email from the Customer Services manager this morning. We have apologised on a number of occassions for the misinformation given however this does not change our documents policy.

You also was not kicked out or removed from the poker software as it is not our policy to remove anyone from the software. Your account was restricted so that you was unable to login the next time you logged out of the account until satisfactory documentation was recieved.

There is nothing more we can add to the case I am afraid as our position on the matter is clear,

posted on October 25, 2011.

This is the last comment ill make on this all i can see here is yes we were wrong but f""k you its our rules and you will get the rest of the documentation which i dont have on holiday and id never ever believe a word anyone at your casino said and would encourage others the same...