Game ''Freaky Wild West'' 10betcasino

posted on June 26, 2010.

I have play this game too many times but in the 1st of june I started a game with 150 bet I spin 463 time with that bet then I lower my bet to 30 euro and I spin 28 times and for one more time I lower my bet to 0.30 and I spin 82 times. The game have bonus round and it starts when u collect all the symbols and it pay you back the score of bonus round multiply by the average of your bet. My average was 123 euro as you can see but the game didn't payed me 11141 euro it payed me only 27 euro. This is the first game. Because I played one more at 2 of june I started with bet 15 euro and I spin 125 times then I lower the bet to 3 euro and I spin 24 times and finally I lower the bet to 0.30 and i spin 34 times the average was 10.69 and I collected 80 points to bonus round so it had to pay me about 800 euro but no it pay me only 24 euro. To the both games I collected the symbols to game 1 I collected 9 symbols of 10 with bet 150 euro and one symbol with 0.30 euro to the game 2 I collect the 8 symbols of with bet 15 euro and 1 symbol with 3 euro and 1 symbol with 0.30 euro.

Can you help me?

posted on June 28, 2010.

Dear Efstrtios,

After re-checking your complaint, we can only repeat our previous answer.

You have played on the Freaky Wild West as follows:

Games: 25175, Currency: EUR, Staked: 248090.48, P/L -2256.92, P/L % -0.91.

There is a relation between stakes amount to bonus games payout through a propriety algorithm. In the specific case you had 82 bets of 0.30 which counted towards his bonus prize. in other case the random mechanize paid prizes in relation to higher average.We suggest you check all your bonus winnings in relation to the stakes. I believe that according to your complaint logic you will have to return monies to the casino.

We can see that the overall player profit % on this game is -0.91% which is below the designed house hold. As always, gambling is a matter of luck and self discipline. The RNG and the gaming system are tested by independent laboratory.

We are willing to offer a 100 EUR bonus in order to put this matter behind us. You have been a loyal and appreciated customer of ours for a long time and we wish keep you as such. As always, you will be rewarded accordingly.

For any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us

10Bet Customer Service Team

posted on June 29, 2010.

The casino has offered the player €200 in order to close a case which player accepts. We'll consider this complaint as resolved, but casino will be noted as unresponsive at their review page.