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Gala Spins Casino - Unfair Bonus Wagering, Glitched/Stuck at 0%.

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Gala Spins Casino
Reason Software glitch
Amount £ 990
eforsdick United Kingdom Message
Posted on September 24, 2018


I really need some help here I'm not sure what else to do. Ill try to keep it short.

So on the 07/08/18 I signed up Gala Spins Casino and took part in their welcome offer in which you wagered £100 and got a £100 bonus with 20x bonus wagering. First issue was the bonus didnt credit, so I contacted support and eventually (it was hard work) got the bonus added.

Now on the 10/08/18 I got the bonus credited, I took it to a game which is on the eligible games list provided and wagered what their team have summed up as £282.75. I went to the bonus page expecting to see roughly 15% wagering complete but it showed 0%. I asked a live chat member and he said try a different game, so I tried another game also on the eligible list. Again it didnt go up.

So, the next thing they did was escalated it to the Technical team and advised me this might take up to 28 days. I explained I have 11 days left on this bonus before it expires and I have £990 pending winnings + the £100 bonus so its not a small amount to let just expire because of a system glitch.

I didnt hear from them again, I went onto live chat a few times during those 11 days and even tried to do a spin on a game to see if it would go up but it still stayed at 0%. I contacted them on the final day expressing my panic that all the money will just be gone tomorrow and that they might not fix it afterwards. I was told to wait patiently, the technical team will fix it for me.

So here I am, I have waited much more than 28 days since that case was opened and still no contact via email other than an email I requested to show that they were aware I cannot wager and the bonus expires. So I do have some proof at least.

I have spoken on live chat today to the most rude and unhelpful "manager" I have ever met, I have 50 screenshots of our conversations and of me trying to explain this simply for her to misunderstand, credit me a £100 bonus and cut me off of chat. I then try with another agent and whilst she actually understands the issue she says the best she can do is pass it on.

So it seems no one can do anything over there and my £990 pending winnings + £100 bonus are gone.
Furthermore I have also noticed that the bonus expired 11 days after crediting. It seems they set it to expire from the date on which it should have been credited 07/08/18 as it expired on the 21/08/18, yet I didnt receive the bonus until the 10/08/18 so couldnt have possibly played with it during the other 3 days before hand.

I have tried complaining and emailing, I am getting nowhere its been over a month now of back and forth. I am being told I will only receive a £100 bonus.

Seems highly unfair to me and I could really use some help :/

Thank you in advance


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