Vegas Sky Casino - Free 38 Eur Bonus scam

edgarsab Latvia
posted on October 12, 2014.

Unfortunately, this was my worst experience with online casinos. I registered at Vegas Sky casino, because they attracted me with their 38 $/Eur/Gbp bonus. (saw an advertisement at some affiliate site). At first i thought - well, wagering requirements are high enough, so i will loose anyway, but still, i registered and started to play for fun, with this bonus activated.

Luckily, i somehow managed to complete the wagering requirements, i really didn't expected that i will be SO lucky in slots. After i noticed, that i can withdraw my winnings of 100.32 eur,
i made a deposit of 25 Eur through Skrill (MoneyBookers), and after this deposit, I requested a withdrawal of 125.32 Eur.

I knew for sure, that i wasn't registered at this casino previously, haven't had any problems at other casinos (on some i've requested self-exclusion). Also there is almost no possibility that somebody could play at Vegas Sky from the IP address i'm using.

So i continued to wait, while the casino process the withdrawal. Few days after, i got three new messages in e-mail - 1) that my withdrawal has been reversed, 2) new withdrawal request of 25 (money, i deposited. 100 eur of my winnings was lost), 3) security documents request (so i can withdraw the money i deposited)

Then i understood, this casino is a complete scam. I didn't received ANY explanation about this, only got some false information, from Live Chat support, that "i have multiple accounts at one other Rival casino". When i told them, that it's impossible for me to create multiple accounts, because i always use only one e-mail address, they answered me, that somebody probably used the same IP as mine to play at OTHER casino.

When i wanted to get more details, Live support told me to contact the Security department through e-mail, on which they do not answer.

A conclusion? I was happy i got back the money I deposited, but still i'm pissed off about how they cheated on me with this free bonus.

I really won 100 Eur, by playing honestly. I played slots, i made the wagering requirements, i won. I have only one account at Vegas Sky.

I really think, their strategy is to get a player into the casino, by offering him a free bonus, then if he wins, to remove his winnings and hope that he will play and loose with the money he deposited. They are not interested in receiving new customers. They are not interested in a single player who could win a cent. Poor casino, poor support!

Also they apparently have a problems to answer on e-mails, when i asked in how long time i will receive an answer from support, they told me - 1 business day (an average). In reality, it was a one business week, and only after i contacted them, to remind about my case.

Sorry about my English, but i want to tell every new player - DO NOT trust this casino!

posted on October 18, 2014.

Dear @edgarsab,
Any update considering your complaint? Thank you.

edgarsab Latvia
posted on October 18, 2014.

There is no updates at all. It seems, that they are not even interested to answer me on this.