Palace of Chance Casino - Fraudulently denied my $1100 withdraw

Daniel Birely United States
posted on February 10, 2016.

I won $1100 at video poker with cash that I deposited without any bonuses attached.

This deposit was for $30 on 1/27/16 and I did try to use bonus Blackgold but it was rejected due to a $50 min bonus requirement. I went on to play video poker with my money and won $1100 which i attempted to withdraw.

Like other players stated I was instantly hit with delay tactics and told I had to send in multiple documents in order to receive my withdraw. I did what was requested and followed up and wasn't alerted of anything out of the ordinary except for the constant delay in getting paid.

Finally I look through my status log that tracks activity and there was a manager that withdrew my $1100 from the account and I was told it was because I violated the bonus conditions attached to the funds I was using. I wasn't allowed to use video poker and so all of my winnings were taken.

I looked carefully again at the log and just as I remembered my funds did not have a bonus applied it was clearly declined due to me depositing $30 and not $50. However 15minutes later a bonus code I was not even aware existed was applied to my deposit unknowingly and they carried on saying that I violated their terms. It's not even possible for me to apply a bonus code to funds after an initial deposit on top of the fact that it was a convenient code that had a minimum deposit of $30. When I confronted the agent with this my live chat session was terminated by the site operator.

posted on February 15, 2016.

Hi fb_101­015­581­041­54043,

I'll be speaking with our finance department first thing in the morning regarding this issue and get back to you as soon as possible.

All the best,


Daniel Birely United States
posted on February 17, 2016.

Thank you for responding Tani. What's the status on this?

posted on February 20, 2016.

Hi fb_101­­01­5­5­81­­041­­54043,

I’ve reviewed this carefully and here’s why your withdrawal has been declined:

You initially claimed coupon ‘BLACKGOLD’. This coupon was denied and removed immediately following your deposit. The reason for this is that your deposit was in the amount of $30, but the coupon required a minimum $50 deposit.

You then contacted our support team via live chat and inquired about this. Our agent explained it to you and then manually issued the BLACKGOLD330 coupon (it required only a $30 minimum deposit). Our agent also explained in thorough detail the terms and wagering requirements along with allowable games pertaining to this coupon.

This coupon was Slots and Keno Only and with your play in Video Poker, it would preclude you from making a withdrawal.

I have forwarded the chat log to AskGamblers for verification.


Daniel Birely United States
posted on February 20, 2016.

I'd like to see this chat log myself, I had no idea that a promotion applied made it where when I played a game that was made available I wouldn't qualify for what I'd won?

Daniel Birely United States
posted on February 20, 2016.

Not that I was aware that I broke your rules, but that's ridiculous anyways for anyone that did accidentally make a mistake along those lines. That would be comparable to me going to a casino winning at slots with my earned freeplay and them taking the winnings if I played blackjack

posted on February 23, 2016.

We have been provided with clear and justified evidence on behalf Palace of Chance Casino management that player was clearly informed by casino's support what are the terms of aforementioned bonus: allowed games were only Slots and Keno. Player breached bonus terms by playing video poker due that fact his winnings was voided.

Therefore, we consider this case as closed and resolved. In case of a disagreement with our decision we would like to remind player that further assistance on this matter could be requested from the official regulatory body of Palace of Chance Casino.