For no legitimate reason, Vegas Palms Casino locked my account when I won $77,000.

MikaelaJasmine1993 Australia
posted on August 24, 2015.

I won $77,000 on Vegas Palms Casino, and when attempting to withdraw $30,000, the casino locked my account and are refusing to acknowledge any of my attempts of contacting them. This was the only account I have ever made with this casino.
I have never come across a casino that is as much of a scam and rip off as what Vegas Palms Casino has proven to be !
I have read other players comments stating that they had actually breached the casino's terms and conditions, so they were refunded the amount deposited and their account was then locked. I did not breach any of the casino's terms and conditions, I was locked out of my account, and was not even refunded my deposit ! I cannot think of any reason for the casino to have done this, other than that they simply just didn't want to pay me the winnings that I am entitled to !

posted on August 27, 2015.

Hi Mikaela

I have reviewed your account(s) and although you state that you only had one account, it was found that you had, in fact, opened 5 accounts between June and July using different addresses and telephone numbers.

We also have not refused to acknowledge any of your attempts to contact us as you chatted to us on 3 days ago.

Also, when you supplied us with your KYC documentation, your utility bill did not match the address details you entered when opening these accounts.

Our Terms and Conditions are quite clear in terms of multiple accounts and can be seen here: http:/­/ww­w.v­ega­spa­lms­cas­­m/g­ene­ral­/te­rms­-co­ndi­tions/

Term 1.1.8 states " You hereby agree to hold no more than a single real account at the casino."

Unfortunately the status quo will remain.


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