Euromoon Casino - Confiscated winnings without valid reason

posted on May 17, 2016.

I won 2000€ on this casino after making several deposits of 50€.
So i made my withdrawel and waited. After a day Jeremy (vip manager) told me take a bit from my winnings back and keep playing because this way the financial department would see i'm active ???
Found this strange but did what he wanted.After some days of waiting i took another 50€ from my winnings and sended them back to my account to play with. (for some reason if u want a deposit u cant stop playing at this casino)Now it seems i pressed once on the wrong button (maxbet/by mistake), and because of this (no bets >30% of deposit allowed) i seem to have lost all my winnings ? (lol?)
Do i see it wrong but when money is being placed in a withdrawel section, and by this separated from the 50€ i was playing there is no way that a bet made with the last 50€ can make them confiscate all my winnings ? (imagine it was already sent to my account ?) The wrong bet gave me exactly 0€ winnings btw and never i added money from this last 50€ back to the withdrawel section.

What can i do pls

posted on May 20, 2016.

Sill no news from the casino. They dont even answer on my mails anymore ...

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