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Desert Nights Casino - Bonus's and reversal of winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Desert Nights Casino
Reason Declined payment
Amount $ 100
Posted on July 24, 2014

Hi I have just had an experience with desert night casino and thought you should know about it I claimed a $5xmas bonus and was very lucky or not so lucky depending how you look at it any way was able to make a withdrawal of the maximum allowed $100.00 I did this thinking that this was now my money. Anyway I decided to do a reversal on this and play again big mistake I then go on to win a reasonable amount this went up and down got to $500 and thought I would take it out I have now found out I was still playing the $5xmas bonus and could ony take out the $100 dollars I have never heard of this before if I had had the money put into my account then redeposited would have been no problem

I am not sure if this is the norm with all casino's I know I will be finding out before I reverse a withdrawal again

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Posted on December 26, 2013


We appreciate the fact that you contacted us for a reply in this matter.

Yes 5xmas is a free bonus provided by our casino, Desert Nights Casino, with a $100 limit as Maximum Withdrawable Amount. All the details about this bonus or any other bonus are stated at cashier in player’s account, when the coupon code is redeemed, including the maximum cashout amount.

Playing with a free bonus implies having a few restrictions and one of them is the amount that can be withdrawn. So in this case we had to apply the maximum limit, $100, when processing the withdrawal even if the initial amount requested was reversed.

Please don’t consider this case as a singular one or as an abuse/discrimination of this specific player. This rule is valid for all our players having winnings from free bonuses.

I hope this answer will fulfill all the expectation to solve this case.

In case you need additional information please feel free to contact us at any time.



Supervisor, Desert Nights Casino

Posted on December 26, 2013

Thank you for your reply I think you will agree many people do not read all the fine print my reason for posting what happened was to let other players know . It would be illogical had I known the rules why would anyone reverse a withdrawal when they could still only withdraw the same amount if they won. Maybe you need to revise your rules if I had been playing in a casino and won taken out my winnings and replayed there would be no restrictions so why should there be when playing on line I still believe if you make a withdrawal that money becomes the players wether it is paid or reversed to there account . I thank Desert night

for their payment it was made promptly but I will think twice before redepositing after this experience

Posted on December 28, 2013

We aim to have rules that will keep a balance between our customer’s satisfactions and a good functionality of our casino. As we are online since 2007 and we try to improve daily, to be closer to the players, offering the best support, attractive games possible and of course a fair bonus policy. Thus any feedback from your side is highly appreciate as it helps us to become better. We will definitely consider your suggestion for reviewing our rules. And we hope you will still visit our casino.

Posted on December 31, 2013

Thanks for your reply I hope you do look at the conditions of reversal of winnings after a win on a bonus as I remain convinced that once a withdrawal has been made that then should becomes the players money. Thank you for the payout of the $100

Posted on December 31, 2013

Hello! Your input is important to us and we will consider it when reviewing the terms and conditions for our bonuses. On behalf of our casino, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

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