Denied payment of winnings

posted on November 3, 2011.

In an attempt to collect my winnings of $3,074.02 afforementioned account, I was told that my winnings were

invalid and nullified due to multiple bonus redemptions.

To follow is my account history from Palace of Chance. Their claim / arguements due to multiple bonus redemptions. Please see addendum A / arguement from the terms of agreement '

A site operator will be with you momentarily.

Hi! Thank you for using our LiveChat Service. This is 'Kathy'. Please verify your Email and Phone Number so that I can assist you.

kie: ianros­eto­rno­@ya­ 650-720-3247

Kathy: Hi, good morning ! , thank you for the information

Kathy: How may I assist you today ?

kie: can you tell me if i've met the requirements to cashout?

Kathy: Let me check your account please :)

Kathy: Im sorry , balance is non cashable

Kathy: You redeemed free chips in a row

Kathy: That is not allowed as per casino terms

Kathy: Free chips can be used between deposits

Kathy: I can offer you great coupons with your deposit!, like the following :

kie: why was it approved and credited during the redemption?

Kathy: 300% Match Bonus

Kathy: Slots & Keno Only

Kathy: No Playthrough

Kathy: No Max Cash-Out

Kathy: Redeem: TREATS300

Kathy: Dep. 30 or More

Kathy: (Redeem Unlimited Times)

kie: it should've denied my entry rather than than allowing me to continue?

Kathy: Balance will be for fun

Kathy: Is there anything else that I can help you with ?

kie: why wasn't that stated on the terms of agreement.

Kathy: sure they are

Kathy: On the casino web page

Kathy: For your reference here's a link to the terms and conditions page of our website:

Kathy: http:/­/ww­w.p­ala­ceo­fch­anc­e.c­om/­rul­es/­pro­mot­ion­al-­rules/

kie: if you look at my account history, the wr was subtracted from the sub-total?

Kathy: It was deduced cause you accomplished the playtrough , however , as you played several free chips in a row , It is non cashable

kie: the third clause states : "The player cannot redeem any extra coupons in such case that they have a money balance or pending withdrawal unless management approves it." this states the the promotion code was approved since the code was accepted, hence approved.

Kathy: I am sorry for the delay. I will be right with you.

Kathy: Our Rules clearly states , No free chips or promotions in a row

Kathy: You used four free chips in a row

kie: but was approved allowing me to continue as if management approved the transaction since it was added during my

Kathy: It was nor approved

Kathy: The approval that you see in the account was the playtrough completed

Kathy: However , as you know , you used free chips in a row

Kathy: So, it can not be cashable

Kathy: Did you check on your last transactions ?The free chips ?

kie: i'm checking now. please wait.

Kathy: Even that you accomplished the playtrough , You used the free chips

Kathy: This is posted on our rules

Kathy: •Players cannot redeem multiple free bonuses consecutively. Free chip offers are meant only for our regular loyal players and unless otherwise stated in order to cash out on a free chip offer you should have an active depositing account. If the player has redeemed one no-deposit bonus and is subsequently offered another one, a real-money deposit needs to have been made in the interim for the player to be eligible to redeem the second no-deposit bonus.

Kathy: So, unfortunately the balance is non cashable

Kathy: As soon you play all , you can contact us back , and we can offer you great promotions with your deposit , after that , if you do not make winnings , you can have a free chip

Kathy: Is there anything else that I can help you with ?

Kathy: Since I am not receiving any response from you, this chat will be closed, if you have any other questions please contact us back right away to our Live Chat, Thank you for your time and have a great day!

Chat session has ended. This may have been a technical error.

addendum A : (Per the account history)

11/2/2011 11:19:38 PM Coupon Reversal Withdrawal Approved! ($40.00)

11/2/2011 11:19:38 PM Coupon Reversal Withdrawal Requested ($40.00)

[b]11/2/2011 11:09:55 PM Coupon 'SCRATCH100 ' redeemed $100.00

11/2/2011 11:09:55 PM Coupon 'SCRATCH100' requested [/b]

11/2/2011 11:09:37 PM Coupon declined

11/2/2011 11:09:37 PM Coupon 'POC50FREE' requested

11/2/2011 11:07:00 PM Coupon '50BACK50 ' redeemed $50.00

11/2/2011 11:07:00 PM Coupon '50BACK50' requested

Per account history, the bonus above "scratch100" was approved, second 'poc50free' was declined

then the third redeem coupon '50back50' was redeemed.

This clearly states that the multiple code redemption was approved by management since the specified bonus was added and valid.

In following the business law "good faith and good business ethics" clearly states that this was approved by management. otherwise it should've denied/declined like the the 'poc50free'.

To summarize, i was basically denied of my winnings.

Please respond so I can put a closure to this illegal practiced.

Thank you in advance,

Diana Villagracia

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posted on November 4, 2011.

Dear kie

I will look into this matter and will gte back to you soon


Cindy Greco