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MASSETT83 United Kingdom
posted on November 19, 2014.


I did not really want to resort to this method as I dont really want to get on the wrong side of the casino that is holding my money but they are just too slow with payment, I won 8998 gbp on 7 nov and withdrew as soon as the wagering was complete, they verified my ID and told me the full payment would be processed3-5 days after...all I have received so far is the payment for 1998 and the remaining 7,000 they still have...this has been 2 and a half weeks now and they have agreed to pay 2,000 of the sum but to be perfectly honest I dont see where it says in their terms they pay 2,000 at a time, the next payment I want is to be the full amount of 7,000gbp and hopfully you can get wind to them that this is unacceptable behaviour at present.

thank you.

posted on November 21, 2014.


Please be informed that our finance team has contacted the player and this query has now been resolved.

As explained before, any large withdrawal requests from new players must undergo further checks and after these have been completed, they will be paid in full.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you require any further information.

Kind Regards

Smart Live Casino

posted on November 25, 2014.

Dear @MASSETT83,
Can you please confirm that this complaint is resolved? Thank you.

posted on November 29, 2014.

Dear @MASSETT83,
It's a nice practice when you submit a complaint to inform us is your complaint resolved or not. Thank you.