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Casino Extra - Delayed payment for 25 days now

Posted on January 22, 2015.

I’ve sign up Casino Extra and after playing trough the wager requirements of the welcome bonus, I won 1642,20€. I’ve sent the documents requested on the website, and my account was verified.
On 23-12-2014 I’ve requested a withdrawal of my money via Skrill and today, 25 days later I still haven’t received my money.

The information about the transaction time via Skrill on their website is contradicting.
They say it takes maximum 24h and somewhere else they say if can takes up to 7 working days. Even if 7 working days is an excessively long period to process a transaction via Skrill, I patiently waited.

After not receiving my money or any news during this period, I contacted them via email. They reply that they were having a lot of happy players/big winners so they had a backlog, so it could take more 7 working days. I went to their chat to clarify this information and they add another excuse, saying that they had just moved their payment platform which has created a lot of delays in payments, as they couldn’t process them for days. Even if this seems like poor excuses not to pay me, I gave the benefit of the doubt and waited another 7 working days.
Of course, no money received after this period. I contacted them again via chat, and they gave me the same excuses, and they said that there were a lot of players in the same situation.
They assure me that the payment department would send me an email the day after, which didn’t happen.
This casino is clearly avoiding paying their players at all cost, so I’m here to ask for your help getting my money.

Posted on January 19, 2015.

Hi Vanessa, thank you for bringing this to my attention. First of all I have to apologise for this delay which definitely is an inconvenience for you and will unavoidably leave you with a bad experience at our casino. For this I can only apologise..

As far as the first explanation you were given, it is try true that we had a lot of big winners in December due to the large number of promotions and prizes we gave away, but that was not the reason for having experienced delays in the payments. The issue with the payments was that we decided (foolishly) to move servers and administration platforms over the holidays, thinking we would minimize the downtime and service interruption. We were wrong. Because we moved all payment platforms to new bank accounts, we had to undergo KYC procedures at the new banks and register all the new accounts in our corporate e-wallets, etc.. You can imagine what hell it's been especially when you deal with multiple companies at the same time.

The idea was that after the move would now be able to pay in EUR without exchanging currencies or using intermediate accounts, which would make the process faster. So far we have only managed to fix the paperwork on Neteller, while Skrill and Paypal are still waiting to be approved.

I can offer you immediate payment of your withdrawal via Neteller if you have an account there or if you are willing to open one? If you still want your withdrawal credited in Skrill, we are hoping to have the Skrill situation resolved within 48 hours, so we would have to wait a bit more.

Please let me know here or feel free to email me directly or pm me with your decision and I will personally take care of this for you. Also, allow me to apologise for the way this whole situation has been handled. It would be easy for me to blame my customer support but I have to admit the fault lies in us, at management level, for not having communicated clearly to our customer support staff what was happening and what the reasons were for the delays.

Posted on January 19, 2015.

Hi, thank you for explanation, it was more detailed and easier to accept than the ones I've been given so far.
I prefer to wait the 48h and receive the money via Skrill, with the hope that this time everything goes as I am being told.

Posted on January 21, 2015.

Hi Vanessa, I've been told Skrill issues should now have been solved. Can you please check and confirm if everything is alright now? If so, thank you again for your patience and apologies for a less than enjoyable experience. We'll make sure to learn from this experience and improve communication not just with players but internally within our organization..

Posted on January 21, 2015.

Hi, I confirm that I've received the money on my Skrill and that this case is now solved. It's true that is was a less enjoyable experience, but is fair to say that in the end, you took the time and efforts to explain the situation and solve it, so thank you. And thank you Ask Gamblers.

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