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Planet 7 Casino - Delayed Payment Because of Misleading Rep Suggestion

Posted on 14 November 2016

I originally had a payment requested on 10/3/16 in the amount of $200 but it had not been approved over the week and I had waited the initial 3 days that says they will approve it and it was not then I waited the 7 days for within 7 days because it takes seven days sometimes instead of 3 days to get approved. Nothing So, on the 10th day 10/17.

I contacted chat and asked if my payment was going to approved after I asked about my payment and was told it takes 3 business days for approvals. I then tell the Rep by the name of Sven that it had been 10 business days that it was requested on 10/3 and he then checked my account and said that it was not approved due to me requesting it in Neteller. He then went on to tell me that they do not pay Neteller payments to anyone and that I had to request a check.

So, he went on to tell me to cancel my withdrawal request in Neteller and request as a check. Then, the payment would be approved immediately. I was confused by this and stated that I accidentally requested through Neteller because I was using the mobile version of the platform and forgot to switch the dropdown box for 'Payment Method'. I then told him that the last time i requested it in Neteller that they just canceled it as a Neteller payment and then approved it in Check which is the only other option from the withdrawal section to choose. I have Bankwire listed on my account for my payments for all present and future payments. He then says that he sees that but I had to do it because of the delay. So I asked him if I cancelled this payment would it be approved ASAP and was assured it would be so I cancelled the payment and requested a check. I waited 24 hours to see if the payment would get approved and it wasn't.

I tried to get to chat after that but it always seemed to take to long for a rep to appear before the issue inactivity popup on the desktop would tell me it would close. So, i waited 3 days and talked to another rep that told me that it wasn't approved that the rep before should not have told me that and that if he did something on my account to manual approve it to give a few days to see if it went through. Finally waiting a few days a few reps later of them telling I had to wait for the regular processing time for approval it gets approved on 10/28. It is now 11/11 and I still have yet to receive my payment and it has reached 10 days since it was approved.

In addition, I have requested an additional payment in the amount of $2305 on 10/30 that was approved on 11/2 and has reached 7 days and no payment yet from that one as well. As of today I was told it would take 15 business days before it even reached the processor when before i was told the 10/28 payment was already in processing to be sent out to me next week. I keep being told there is an delay in payments and that I have to give them time to process. I understand the 2nd payment but the first payment for $200 should have been sent already. I am being told also that they can only send one payment at a time even though both were approved on different days for processing.and thought was was already being sent to my bank from the processor. I was told one would be sent one week and the other another week.

I have attached the chat that of the conversation between the Rep that told me to cancel my withdrawal and caused me to have to wait a whole lot of more time. I did ask to be escalated and was told a request would be sent to a Manager that would hopefully look at my account and speed up as well as contact me when it was approved.through me but that also did not happen. Also one from a Rep that told me it was sent to the processor. One more from a rep telling me they can only process one payment at a time.

Posted on 16 November 2016

I have still been checking in with chat when I can since they seem to be less Reps available. I have been told that it is best to check back by the end of this week for updates and be patient. I am also being told that they cannot send more than one payment toa processor at a time and that my 10/28 approval of $200 has to be sent first before they can send my 11/2 payment of $2305. From what I have learned from previous reps and customers $2500 is the most the can send a week but can approve withdrawals every 3 days. Which is further confusing sine my withdrawals were approved on separate weeks but the first one has not even been sent or finished processing so my other payment can be sent. I am wondering why they just can't send the payment together or bulk since both are approved. Makes me wonder what happens when one wins a jackpot payment and they payout with the $2500 weekly limit and one payment to processor Rule I am being told

Posted on 18 November 2016

I never got a reply and this is the first time I had to do a complaint. While waiting I have received my Payout. So thank you Askgamblers for allowing me to opportunity to file one on your sire even though it was dissolved on its own it seems. Can close complaint please.

Posted on 18 November 2016

Based on submitter's last post AskGamblers Complaints Team consider this case as Resolved and it is officially closed now.

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