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Monarchs Online Casino - Delayed 150 EUR payout (wagered bonus)

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Monarchs Online Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount € 119
Posted on July 15, 2015

I signed in on morachs online casino, got starting bonus, which i wagered more than 125x (requested ammount of wagered bonus is x75)
My account balance is now 150eur, which I am trying to withdraw since august of 28. Now is oct. 31. , and last time I got answer from account service was on oct. 13th. I'm expiriencing difficulties comuniating with live support, they always say same stuff, like sorry for the inconvinience, but withdrawal is beyond our control, and not to mention account service looked for evey possible reason to turn me down, like documents wasn't adequate, etc. I finnaly sent all the propper documentation on oct. 9. 2014. ,and havent got the payout pending yet . I have seen that people wait for months to get they payments done, but I have already lost my patience and I would like to get my payment, not next week, not next month, I want it now, as it is my right to request so! Please help, ty

Posted on November 2, 2014

Still no answer and still not paying out. ..+ noone talking about my topic here, getting more frustrated...

Posted on November 4, 2014

Got called on the phone from account service this morning, seems like my payout has been aproved,will inform about further development.

Posted on November 7, 2014

Dear @NekiTamoMamlaz,
Any update?

Posted on November 7, 2014

No updates yet, my payout request is still not pending when I enter cashier, but then again, I think there is few more working days left, I was told that it will take 3-5 working days for my payout to be processed..

Posted on July 8, 2015

This case has been reopened upon casino’s request and we would like to give it one more chance for a successful resolution.
We have been informed by the casino management that your payment was successfully processed. Please confirm.

Posted on July 11, 2015

Dear @NekiTamoMamlaz,
It's a nice practice to confirm if your complaint is resolved or not, thank you.

Posted on July 15, 2015

Based on evidence that we received from a casino management we can confirm that player was paid in full. We consider this complaint resolved and closed.

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