Crazy Luck Casino - Stalling my payment

faline France
posted on September 5, 2016.

Hello , since 5/08 , I expect that the casino Crazy luch pays me my winnings in the amount of 190 euros. The casino has all the documents requested in possession including faxback asked that I signed .
On chat , they tells me each time that the payment will not be long but never anything. I begin to doubt the seriousness of this casino.
Can you help me understand what is happening .


My casino identifier is : falinect

faline France
posted on September 6, 2016.


Attached is one of the last messages in French addressed to: suppor­[email protected]­raz­ylu­ckc­asi­
which is still unanswered and a copy of my cash on the casino that certifies the amount of the casino dated 05.08.2016
and the conversation that day that stopped .
This is the same thing for three weeks
SISCO has entered the chat.
Me : hello Sisco
Me : I would like to know where is my withdrawal now dating a month
SISCO : a moment please
Me : ok i wait
SISCO : Have you talked to the manager the last time
Me : I have talked to a person , I do not know if it was the manager who told me that she would be treated in the 2 to 3 days but still nothing now
Me : whats happened?
SISCO : a moment please
SISCO : can you please contact us after 1 hours
Me : you always said me the same thing
SISCO : manager is there, but is on break
Me : and after noting answer to me
SISCO : he is gonna come back soon
Me : I therefore want to talk to Gonna
Me : now