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SlotsMillion Casino - Declined my withdrawal & took away what I deposited

posted on February 22, 2015.

I deposited $50 using my partners credit card. On the 02/02/15 i withdrew $1,230.00. For the next 8 days, I had to continuously chase up SlotsMillion to find out the status of my withdrawal as it remained as 'pending'. I got the run around by several different people and ended up having to send a copy of my drivers licence and all credit cards used 4 times! After the 4th time I was advised everything was accepted and as it was the weekend it would be processed on Monday by the accounts department. On Tuesday morning I received an email from them stating my withdrawal was declined due to the fact I had used my partners credit card. They also claimed to have refunded the $50 back on to the credit card which to date, 13 days later, is still to hit my account. I have gotten written authority from my partner stating he gave me his consent to use his card however they will not accept it.
I trusted all was in order when I was told everything had been accepted. Why was I not advised during the 9 days of running around that there was an issue?
I think SlotsMillion is a great site with an excellent selection of games but this experience has definitely stopped me from depositing again. I want my winnings of $1,230.

posted on February 23, 2015.

Hi ellesbells27!
Thank you for coming and checking out SlotsMillion - What a bad luck while in luck! I am sorry that you have a negative feedback but you are not allowed to use somebody else's credit card to make a deposit in an online casino; at least not at a EU regulated casino. I do not know any casino that will allow you to do that.

But the, your complaint is a bit misleading and paints a bit unfair picture of the events. I looked into your account and I see that you did not have to chase SlotsMillion to find out the status of your withdrawal as we were clearly awaiting your reply; more precisely the copy of the card that you have used. You had notified us that you had lost the card and were awaiting replacements from your bank. You did sent us other cards however not the one that was needed. Later on, the copy of the requested card did arrive but with a hidden cardholder name, so we had to ask you again for a copy of the card with the cardholder name visible. Once it was established that the card used was not yours, I see here that you were notified on the same day and the refund to that card was processed the same day.

When it comes to your case, the bottom line is that you used somebody else's card and regardless if you did have a written consent prior or after using the card, it is simply not allowed. Because of that, your winnings have been voided and the deposited funds have even been returned to the original card. There is nothing strange here.

I can understand your frustration because you had a very lucky day and won over $1000 that you are not able to withdraw and enjoy. Wow, nice win, I can certainly feel your pain :(

If your partner is willing to give you funds to play, then I recommend that you receive a prepaid voucher from your partner as a gift, which then you can use for entertainment on an online casino.

posted on February 27, 2015.

Did you received your deposit back, can we close this complaint? Thank you.

posted on February 27, 2015.

Sorry Ive been putting together the evidence to support my complaint. And still to date the money has not appeared in the account.

posted on March 1, 2015.

Hi there, I am surprised that you would have not received the funds back. It was refunded to the same card that was used.
Once I am back in the office tomorrow I will find out the details of the transfer and try to see if I can find any error and if the money did not come through for some reason.

posted on March 2, 2015.

Hello again,
please ask your partner to look for the description "Alea Gaming" in the list of transactions. Perhaps you were expecting to see SlotsMillion in the description, but the company name is Alea Gaming and that will appear on the refund transaction. You should see a refund of $50 with this description.

We have checked with the processing company and they have notified us that the refund has gone through successfully. It was expected to be processed and in your partner's account by the 12th of February.

If you would like us to investigate further on our side, our processing company is asking for a bank statement of the card to see the credits coming to the card in February. You can of course mark out your debits/expenditures as that is irrelevant information for them. And FYI, this document would only be handled by our Payments Manager and will be provided to the investigative agent of the processing company - we take consumer privacy seriously.

posted on March 2, 2015.

We have just received and evidence from behalf Slots Million Casino management that players deposit was refunded long ago. We consider this issue as Solved. The case is closed now.