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Mr Ringo Casino - Delayed payment & Poor support

puttesnutt Sweden
posted on August 11, 2016.

This is the 8th day im waiting for my 2 winnings. The have twice put the money back to the casino account though i made 2 withdrawls and got refnr that the withdrawls were ok. They have said on numerous accations that tha money is paid out and they blame the banks. Today i recived a email from a manager telling me the money is paid ouy. Idi one by bank taht according to their words should take 2-3 day. Tomorrow its gone 8 days when i first tried to take it out but thet paid it 3 days ago so that should come to my bank today. And withdrawl number 2 i did with Thrustly bank that the manager said would take max 24 hours its now been 3 days i did that withdrawl so something is not right there. Ive been trying to contact both service desk and the manager but gets no response. I cant click on the support for that because they have stopped me from doing that. Ive been playing for 8 years and i have never had a thing like this happend to me. After this i lost my faith in this industri. Ireg an accout and won some money twice. I did as i always do sent in all nessesery documents before a withdrawl so i speed up the procces. Now its been 8 days ago i tried to make a withdrawl and 6 days for my second one! I feel cheated and havent gotten anything from this casino but hearing the money is on the way etc. 2 days ago i talked to the first manager for 30 minutes by the phone when they finnaly called me that he promised i would have both my withdrawls on my bank the next day, that was 2 days ago!

posted on August 12, 2016.

Hello Patrik,

We are sorry that you have had problems with your withdrawals, and I have spoke with the various departments, and they assure me that the withdrawals have been processed, and you should have received them.

I would like to cover the other points that you raised.

Concerning your being banned from Support, this is because on numerous occassions you were abusive to the Support team who were trying to help you. They are doing their job and do not deserve to be treated in such a way. I understand your frustration at the withdrawals, but this does not give any right to be abusive to the Support team.

About contacting the manager, I have spoken with the manager in question, and he has said that he spoke to you on the phone, as requested, and also had another member of the team email you answering your questions.

While I appreciate that the process has not been entirely the way it should be, it is also only fair that the facts are presented as they actually happened, and not in some way that you have perceived them to happen.

As always, we will look into the matter further, and contact you should the need be there.

Best regards and good luck,
Mr Ringo Team

puttesnutt Sweden
posted on August 12, 2016.

No i talked to another manager 4-5 days ago. I told him the whole story whats happened. I sent screenshots on my 2 withdraws with refnr.
He said this was strange and he would contact me in an email because i wanted an explenation.
Here it is. I reg an account. Played and won some money.5 minutes after i send in all documents needed and even an extra bill. Did my first withdraw for 26,069:- SKR tok screenshots as i always do and got a refnr. This was at nighttime on 3 AUG. Now my casino account is 0:- Im waiting for the monry! 2 days goes by and i notise that the money is back on the casinaccount! Talks to your support saying KYC!??
I told her that i have sent in all documents needed! AAfter that it was ok. Did my withdraw again for 26,069:-SKR and the casinoaccount is 0:- yet again. Then i put money in with Thrustly and after a time i win again and makes a withdraw for 10,423:-SKR with bank again. Now my nightmare starts. 2 days goes by and i talk to support asking when i was gonna get the money and this is on the 4 of AUG. The money was sent away to me. Now my casino account is 0:- But i look in the my pages and se the history if there was a sign that my money was transferd. I then saw a amount 15,646:-SKR and i was wondering why that amount? I sent an email because the live support was closed and wondering why that was. I never got any answer at all. I contacted the live support and talked to a miss ? i asked where my money was? She dont know the story tells me that i have 15.646 and a said o i says 0:-SKR. A few times the night before and during the day i pushed the refresh button but it always said 0:- She cant understand why but after 2-3 minutes she says to me "Push Refresh" So i did and voila 15,646:-SKR shows up. I havent seen that amount and was wondering why it said that. She said thats what youve got. I frozze. It was not even close of my 2 withdrawls. Why was that number even there. I did my 2 withdraws. The first time you put the money back and now you put this amount back??? Now i begin to worry and contacts the livesupport and get aswers like. Sir the money is sent to you! Whats the problem sir? We cant hurry up the banks! Here i say that i want someone to call me. i was so angry and furious that i have been cheated of all my money and i even lost a big amount of my own money waiting for my 2 withdraws. A few hours goes by en a mr something calls me. I explained everything. I asked why have you put my withdraws back twice? He couldnt answer that. Than he says that im gonna recive 20,964.-SKR. I was like what did you say? He repeted. And i told him that i made a withdraw for 26,069:-SKR. Why dont you give me what i withdrew? He had no answer. When i did my calculation at the same time added my 2 withdraws with the casinos amount he said to me i came up with that i was gonna get 118:-SKR more and i sarcastic said ok that for compensation or what? No answer again. We talked and i said ok what about this 15,646 can i take it out with Thrustly? He said ok. So i did that when he was on the phone. I know that Thrustly takes no longer than 24 hours to get and i asks him when will i have all my money then. He excuses himself and puts me on hold. He comes back after 2-3 minutes and says to me tomorrow you will get all your money. We hung up and i was releved. I think this was on the 4th of AUG. Tomorrow comes and no money all day. And now im feed up with this i contact support and the same story "money is on the way" Can i help you? I did not want to explain everything again so here i tell them that i want to speak to a manager! And they say that they will email a manager to call me. The whole day goes by and no one calls. Next day when i contact support i hear that it was no manager the day before there says the ms? Thanks alot i thought to my self. I was waiting for nothing that whole day. Now my frustration really builds up so i ask her to get a manager to call me and she does the same thing, she emails to a manager to contact me. Then nobody calls. Now im so angry. I think to myself is this the way to treat customers. Have ive been scamed? Thoughts were flying in my head. I contact support many times following. I get a email from a manager i never talked to before. He was saying that i ve been rude etc. He was explaning to me that the first withdraw by bank was deposided to me and the Thrustly money should take max 24 hours. I sat there and havent recived anything. I email back and i was angry explaining it all. I sent my screenshots on the right amounts and refnr. I told him that as he said that Thrustly shouldnt take more than 24 hours and that it now gone more than 2 days. Nothing after this. Iam stopped from live support. And i leave messages and can send messeges through the support but nobody contacts me. How is this even possible to happened?? I did everything right with my 2 withdraws and my documents was in order from start. Yesterday i recived my first money, Jippie!!!! The amount was 20,205:-SKR ??? What? I withdrew 26,069 and the first manager told me that they were depositing 20,954:-SKR This is unbeliveble. I look at the casino page and it says that they treat their customers and thay payment is quick and good! EHH? Yesterday i email the manager again but no answer. Today the same. All the time ive put in to this is a discrace! I have never felt and been treated like this. When ive talked to support, manager on the phone and the manager on email saying to all of the. I want an explenation to all of this. Why have you done this to me? How can i withdraw money and get refnr and then you put them back to the casino account? Why do you give me the wrong amounts? If i take out 26,069:- Why do i get 20,205? To get an email today from askgamblers telling me that i should have gotten my money because the casino said that is a slap in the face to me. I dont know how to get somebody from this casino to call me and resolve this! I want an explenation. Now 12 of Aug i miss 16,287:-SKR. Yesterday i email the manager adding the amount i got and the Thrustly ive been waiting for in 5 days that there still is money missing! I have played for 8 years but after this is done im never gonna play again. i cant understand how this can happen! Usally i get my money the same day or the day after. If im new at a casino it can take 4-5 days but that it. The last ten days has been hard. Doing everything in my power and then just feel fooled by this! This has destroyed all thrust i had in casinos! I want someone from this casio explaining to me how this could happen. I have the screenshots on everything and ive sent it to the casino manager. Ten days has it been now!

Patrik Ström

puttesnutt Sweden
posted on August 12, 2016.

For me to read what the casino team says to me:
1. We are sorry that you have had problems with your withdrawals
2.the withdrawals have been processed, and you should have received them
3. I have spoken with the manager in question, and he has said that he spoke to you on the phone, as requested
4 While I appreciate that the process has not been entirely the way it should be, it is also only fair that the facts are presented as they actually happened, and not in some way that you have perceived them to happen
5. As always, we will look into the matter further, and contact you should the need be there
My answer: 1.Youve have done nothing right in this. After you had my documents you should just sent me my money and the exact amounts!! And to hear sorry is not worth anything after this treatment!
2. Ive recived one on the absolut wrong amount i have sent you screenshots of and you have the refnr so how can you not sent the right amount? Yesterday i recived my first amount from you 20,205:-SKR The Thrustly i did 4-5 days ago and your manager was listening as i told him a did the withdraw. Where is that money because Thrust should take max 24 hours! I have emailed this numerous times and no one has replied to me. Why is the phone a problem. Its easy to solv things instead of this emailing back and forward! Dont you agree?
3.I have spooken to 1 manager who did not understand all of this when i explained to him. I sent screenshots and he was the one saying my first withdraw would be 20.954. He was the one telling me that i should have all my monet the next day.He was the one that was gonna email me back and give me an explenation on why this has happend to me. He sais sorry on the phone a few times and i just wanted my money. And hearing him say that im gonna get it all tomorrow was enough for me!
4.People thiks diffrently but here i have done everythnright. I was lucky to win so i sent in all needed documentation. And i withdrew with bank you put them back on the casino account. Thest one ok KYC) but that i contacted you at so my docuts were ok but the second one! also put that back?
5. I know youre gonna contac me because this casino owns me 16,287:-SKR exact!
I have asked someone to call me over 30 times so why dosent some one contact me and explains why this has happened??
Patrik Ström

puttesnutt Sweden
posted on August 12, 2016.

One last hing. Here in Sweden the time is 20.09 and its Friday. I just checked my bank account and there s no Thrustly payment from the casino and the amonut thats missing the total. On monday ill contact my bank on how i can get prof of that there has not been any Thrustly payment to me and when it comes im gonna get the answer when it was sent to me!
Iam angry that i had to put all this time into this. I did what i have done for 8 years on maybe 40 casinons and they have never done anything remotly to me!

Patrik Ström

puttesnutt Sweden
posted on August 12, 2016.

Oh i am so angry! Mr ringo team. I havent recived the withdrawl made by Thrustly. And bacause i havent revived it there must me some sort of time when the bank sends it back to you! Right??? Wy nt you call me? Does anybody understandthe raon with a service company not tll when things like this happens Anyone???

puttesnutt Sweden
posted on August 12, 2016.

Here are the screenshots on my winnings!

puttesnutt Sweden
posted on August 13, 2016.

And today ive contacted Thrustly Bank and told them i havent recived the money as the Casino says. So im waiting for a response.
Its very sad that i as a custumer has to do all this. I have never been forced to do others job like this. But im waiting for them also to respond! And after this is cleared and i recived my winnings then i probaly have to do everything in this to get the rest they owes me!

Mr Patrik Team!!

puttesnutt Sweden
posted on August 16, 2016.

Today i recived money that the casino told me was sent to me over a week ago. So that shows that i was right. And for this casino to banned me from support is a joke. I have only made 2 withdraws from this casino. 1 by bank on the amount of 26,069:-SKR and the second one by Thrustly on the amount of 10,423:-SKR. Then the problems started. Over a week of contacting support and got no help at all. Support was really bad. But you deposided an amount of 20,205:-SKR Why did you change my withdraw? WHY? Second withdraw i do when im on the phone with a manager and that amount to i was asking on .Why that amount i said its missing money in the total. He did not know and i was going to get an explenation by email.. It has not come yet after all this time. I then with him on the phone make a withdraw for 15,646:-SKR Then trying to contact you 30 times leaving messages and contacting this manager. I explained it like so easy. A five year old should be able to do it after all my explenations. I sent screenshots on my both and only withdraws i did. 2 days ago i get an email from this manager telling me that he did not know why my Thrustly withdraw never came to me? I sent him an email again explaning everything and that it was missing money and please give me the total. I was missing 16,287:-SKR. So why the hell do you give me 15,101:-SKR today???? When i made the Thrustky withdraw for 15,646 and it was 641:-SKR missing at that point also i have never played at this casino. So now mr ringo support team today its gone 12 days when i tried to make my first withdraw. Can you please take all the people that are god counting because you have done absolute everything wrong in this. I sent you screenshots on my withdraws with refnr so it should be easy. I want 1186:-SKR. I have never in my 45 year old life come across this kind of behaviour that this casino and people has shown me. It cant be possible to make so many mistakes. I also emailed this so called manager that im missing 1186:-SKR. I hope someone of you people finally can count and make this right. I dont want to have anything to do with you again!

And to get an email in the beginning from this manager telling me that you people just wanted to help me and calling me things is a joke. Its sad that you dont have a phonenumber so i could call some owner or boss of all this and how you have treated me because you wouldnt have this job left.

Now mr ringo team i am missing 1186:-SKR from my withdraws that i have made. Can someone please see to it that i get 1186:-SKR deposided to my bank account as soon as possilble. So you dont forget one last time its 1186:-SKR missing, OK???

Patrik Ström

posted on August 19, 2016.

AskGamblers Complaints Team have been provided by valid evidence on behalf management of Mr Ringo Casino where it is clearly displayed that player's behaviour towards casino's support was offensive and abusive.

AskGamblers Complaints Team considers the behavior shown by the player incompatible with the minimum standards of decency and normal attitude and behavior. Such behavior is considered as a direct breach of the Terms & Conditions associated with AskGamblers Complaints Service and therefore, player's case is being rejected.

Casino management informs us that player will be fully paid and delays occur during a bank holiday.

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