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Crazy Luck Casino - Withdrawal Nightmare!!!

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Crazy Luck Casino
Reason Delayed payment
Amount $ 1000
Jonne New Mexico Message
Posted on August 6, 2014

Made a $1000 withdrawal back on May 7th. On the 19th I missed a call from "Martin" asking me to come into chat about my withdrawal. In chat, he asked if I had a MasterCard because he wanted to use it to process my withdrawal. Note that all of my prior deposits were made with Visa and all withdrawals were always paid back to my Visa eventually. I was very skeptical as I doubted that a card never used at the casino would work for a withdrawal but he confirmed it would work fine and I gave him the details.

The very next day my withdrawal changed from "in process:" to "completed Wire Transfer" in the cashier interface. Martin had also advised that if I ever need help I should email him at [email protected] instead of using the support address. A dozen emails and 6 weeks later with no wire into the account led me to Martin again.

He asked for proof from my Credit Card Company and I attached card statement which covered the period in question and an additional statement showing all unbilled activity. He accepted this as proof and said he would personally speak with the owner. Next time we spoke he said they were re-processing my withdrawal.

A few weeks have now passed and they no longer answer any of my emails and if I go into chat they tell me nobody is available to help or simply disconnect my chat. When I try calling now the phone just rings with no answer. They of course manage to still call my house weekly with bonus to deposit offers but when I explain I am not depositing till withdrawal is paid the calls quickly end with assurances that they will quickly resolve the issue.

I have attached 2 files but would like to send the complete email chain and chat log which will not attach as they are word doc files. I could easily email them to you.

Thanks for your time.


Posted on July 25, 2014

Dear @Jonne,
Any news?

Jonne New Mexico Message
Posted on July 26, 2014

Good evening Ask Gamblers,

I read your mail asking if I had any updates so will post it here.

The morning after I posted this complaint I was sent an email from Martin stating my withdrawal had been sent. The mail contained an attachment which was a jpeg of a line from a spreadsheet showing withdrawal paid to MC acct no. Xxxxx. The mail was sent Tuesday the 22nd, it is now late evening on Friday the 25th and no credit appears that I can find in my account. It states no account activity since last statement.

Should anything change I will post further.


Posted on July 30, 2014

Dear @Jonne,
Did you received your funds?

Jonne New Mexico Message
Posted on August 6, 2014

Hello Ask Gamblers,

Funds did arrive after posting for help here.
They use every trick in the book and then some.

Thanks for you help.

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