Crazy Luck Casino - Took $8000 out of my account while I was playing!

posted on January 22, 2014.

I was playing at crazy Luck sacino today and they talked me into a bonus for 900% for a $100 deposit. Well after playing $17,000 in playthrough i got a message that said i have made 5500 in playthrough money so far so keep going. So i got on live chat and they told me that I only get .01 cent for every dollar I wager that goes to the play through, rediculous. Anyway I was talking with william and he told me that but the other week I was playing the same bonus and it was $1.60 wagered would be a dollar off the play through, completely different story. Anyway after playing another $5000 or so I got a message on the screen that said I made it to $7500 playthrough. so I played some more playing $15 a spin for about an hour or so and had $4000 approximately in my account and hit $5000 in the game winmill, playing $1, 5 lines and three coins. Thats $15 a spin but I hit three flowers and won the $5000 and that made my account balance over $10,000, the next thing I knew I had $1400 in my account after I just hit a $320 pay off in winmill. I spoke with william in live chat and he said WHAT??? like he was surprised and then a few minutes later he said your not the only one ten other people just had the same problem and they would fix it tomorrow. Well I been through that before when i played the same bonus it wouldn't let me withdraw until two days later after i made my playthrough. Another story in itself and still waiting on that withdraw. So players beware, these guys on live chat have the ability to get into your account and take money and alter what you see on the screen. Like when I was talking to him about how much a dollar i wager goes towards thew play through he said check the promotion in cashier, well I went to cashier and no bonus requirements where availible. So there was no way for me to check on how much a dollar wagered goes towards the play through in each game. So just beware and if I could change what happened today i would never have made the deposit.

I am going to do a formal complaint against them and probably go to my bank and dispute every transaction i made in their casino as fraud!

On the bonus I was playing on the max withdraw was $1700 which I would have made that easily if they didn't take $8000 out of my account for no reason becasue i already made it 3/4's of the way and still had $9400 in my account.