Crazy Luck Casino - Not Allowing me to Withdraw Winnings

laughnan United States
posted on October 15, 2014.

I deposited $150 at Crazy Luck on September 29, 2014. I hit 4 reels wild on Cosmic Quest 2 and I was betting $10/spin. So, I finally hit a big one. About an hour later I noticed my comp points went down by about 12000-13000 points or so. I immediately went into live chat and someone was very attentive to rectify this mistake. That's when all the crazy madness happened. I received the comp points, but then I lost all my promotions. I went to withdraw and got the error message that "due to current withdrawal restrictions the bank wire method is not available" -- there is no other option in the cashier to withdraw. Not an hour after I had gotten an answer and had a comp point error fixed, live chat was closed and now always gives me a blank white screen when trying to connect. I sent an email to manager & accounting emails and someone from the manager email told me:

Crazy Luck Manager via
Oct 3 (11 days ago)

to me
Hi Greg,

Thank you for contacting me.

And i will check it out your account from my end and let you know about
your account status. So please wait for some time.

Casino manager,
Crazy Luck Casino.

I'm very upset that this casino will not even let a customer withdraw after accepting deposits.
I emailed back two days ago regarding my withdrawal request and nothing was sent back. Can someone help me contact them and get my winnings? They have all my info on file and verified from February of this year, this is not on a free chip, there is no funny business on my end. I just want to be paid.

laughnan United States
posted on October 17, 2014.

Martin, I know you can help me! Or somebody from casino management. I've deposited many times and only tried to withdraw twice. Please help a long time customer.

laughnan United States
posted on October 20, 2014.

Did the software update today. Didn't change anything. Still unable to withdraw, absolutely nobody to reach about it.

laughnan United States
posted on October 22, 2014.

I'm very surprised that I have not heard anything back by email or on this complaint. Does this mean that Crazy Luck Casino accepted my all of my deposits including my last one for $150 with the intention to cut off withdrawal ability as soon as I won???

laughnan United States
posted on October 23, 2014.

Here is a picture of my win. I wonder if I will ever see my money. Nothing by email yet and still no way to contact the casino itself.