Crazy Luck Casino non responsive non payment

posted on February 28, 2012.

I have spent over 40 hours of my time waiting in live chat with them, i have phoned them, i have emailed them. And all i ever get in response is we are sorting this issue out, or a endless stream of excuses to delay me.

They tell me technical department, manager , payment provider and they tell me that it will all be dealt with by a number of different deadlines which all come and go. When i come back at the time they specify nothing has changed and they make a further deadline in the future.

Currently i have a large amount in my account and i cannot make a deposit or withdrawal. "You have no deposit options available. Please contact customer support for more details."

"Due to current withdrawal limits, this withdrawal method is not available at the moment."

I have been trying to chase them up continously for weeks and as of today since another 9am deadline passed when the manager apparently would fix this they have now given up giving me a endless stream of excuses and to closing the chat box right after it opens.

I have no alternative but to pursue this via websites like this, and all i ask for them to do is pay me my account balance right away.

If you were to read the chat logs i have kept it shows very clearly the tactics and rogue type behaviour that they employ.