Crazy Luck Casino did not pay me!

posted on October 11, 2012.


Crazy Luck do not pay my winnings since over two weeks. I Had a withdrawal from 500EUR since 26.09.2012. The support don´t answer me. and since a few days, i can´t make a deposit or a withdrawal with Skrill­(Mo­ney­boo­kers). And thats in all Rivial Casinos.

But in Crazy Luck i had only the Option to Deposit with Visa and no Withdrawal Option.

Please help that i get my Withdrawal.

Username: lola11

Thank you very much and sorry for my bad english.

posted on October 17, 2012.

Thank You susanne67!!! Did you get your money???

posted on October 17, 2012.

That is a chat session from last Friday. Henry promise me that i get my money.

Henry: hi

lola11: hi, for a few days you say, i need only wait 2 days more and then i get my money

lola11: now i wait 4 days more and i didn´t get it

lola11: now i don´t wait longer

lola11: how are you???

lola11: and what need i to do to get my money!!!!

lola11: you wan´t pay me!!! Why!!!

lola11: thats scandalöus und not legal!!!

Henry: you will get your money dear

lola11: that say you every time

lola11: but rally is, its not in my bankaccount!!!

Henry: i promise that you will get it very soon

lola11: what is very soon??? 2 Months, 2 Years or what!!!

Henry: i can not say that exact

Henry: but will get it soon

lola11: can you give me the email adress from the finance department and from your manager???

Henry: it weekend

Henry: so they are not here

lola11: but i will send a email today

Henry: i will arrange phone call from my manager on monday

lola11: ok, i came back on monday and on this day, i will get my money!!!when not, i write in all player forums this chat with you!!!

Henry: i am telling you dear that you will get your money

lola11: ok, i hope, monday last day!!!

posted on October 17, 2012.

And this from today!!! I chat a lot of times with the live support and send emails. But from the emails i only get two answers, with the same words...wait and it will be done very soon...

Now i wait and look what is in 6hours...Thank you that i can write here.

Henry: hi

Henry: how may i help you ?

lola11: hi, i will ask for my withdrawal. i wait since 3 weeks. on friday you say i needto wait 2 days

lola11: now it are 4 days

lola11: you promise me that i get my money

lola11: how is the problem to pay me

Henry: please wait a moment

lola11: ok

Henry: I sent your email to our finance team

Henry: you will get reply within 6 hours

lola11: ok, i hope or i come back!!!Ty

Henry: sure

lola11: ok

posted on October 18, 2012.

Yesterday i get really a reply, and now they will pay me with wire transfer.

I hope really i got it, i belive it first, when it is in my bankaccount..

posted on October 19, 2012.

that´s the new stand from today...

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Henry'

Henry: Hi

lola11: hi, when did you pay me???

Henry: How may i help you please ?

lola11: i wait over 3 weeks

Henry: please give me a moment to verify your account

lola11: i send you all what you need for a wire transfer

lola11: ok

Henry: your withdrawal is from the Moneybooker

lola11: yes, but the support say me for 2 days, its gives technicel problems with moneybookers

Henry: There is some technical problem is going on

lola11: and i send them my details for wire transfer

Henry: with moneybooker from the Rival side which is yet not resolved

lola11: and the support say i get my money with wire transfer

lola11: but nothing, still processing

lola11: please send a email to the finance department, i will my money today!!!!

lola11: they had all information for a wire transfer

Henry: yes we have received your Wire transfer Details.

lola11: ok, then pay me!!!

Henry: your withdrawal will be processed as soon as possible

lola11: How is the problem?? i wait enough!!!

Henry: Finance department is working on it

Henry: you will get your Money

lola11: it takes 5 minutes to wire it, how is the problem???

lola11: i hope!!!

lola11: did they work today???

Henry: there are some formalities while doing the wire transfer

Henry: we need to follow that

Henry: and wire transfer process takes 8 to 10 working days

lola11: i don´t belive it...i wait over 3 weeks!!Thats not a good service, sorry!!!

Henry: earlier you request your withdrawal via Moneybooker but unfortunately there is some technical problem is going on with all the Rival casino's

Henry: But now as you want your money via Wire transfer it will take some time

Henry: i will personally ask the finance to pay you as soon as possible

lola11: yes, but i need to write a lot of emails and chat session, bevor you ask me for my wire transfer details...but ok...yes please do this... ty

Henry: yes i will

lola11: ok, ty

Henry: But be calm and have patience you will get your money

lola11: ok, i hope, bye

posted on October 23, 2012.

i´m still waiting...i will my money today!!!!!

I wait since 4 Weeks!!! Thats enough!!!!

posted on October 23, 2012.

that was my last chat from today...they will not pay!!!

Please help!!!

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Henry'

Henry: hi

lola11: Hello, when did you pay me????

lola11: i wait enough!!! 4 Weeks!!!

Henry: i am sorry for that

lola11: i need no sorry, i need my money

Henry: but there is some problem in moneybookers

lola11: you have all information for a wirde transfer

lola11: i send it last week!!!

lola11: and now??? are you here???

Henry: i know

Henry: dear

lola11: and???

lola11: when get i my money???

Henry: but we can not do anything right now

Henry: we will call you when it is done

lola11: you can send it with wire transfer...

lola11: why are you say you can not do???

Henry: no

lola11: why no????

Henry: there is some problem dear

lola11: you lie!!!!

lola11: You will not pay!!!!

Henry: i promise you will get your money\

lola11: that say you since two weeks

lola11: and nothing!!1

Henry: dear

Henry: there is technical problem

lola11: haha....

lola11: when i deposit you have no technical problem

lola11: thats scandalöus and not legal

posted on October 24, 2012.

that was today...

Henry: hi

lola11: hi i´m still waiting of my money

lola11: what do you say today why i can´t get it???

lola11: nothing???

lola11: What is your problem???

lola11: Why can´t you pay???

lola11: today, i wait 1 Moth

lola11: Month

Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

I´m so sick and tired...what can i do???

posted on October 27, 2012.

i´m still waiting...the last that "Henry" say, it will be done on Monday...but he say this a lot of times...for 2 weeks "Shane say, only 2 days...that casino is rogue!!!!!

posted on October 29, 2012.

That is the chat from today...every day a other lie!!!

Please wait for a site operator to respond.

You are now chatting with 'shane'

lola11: hi, when did you pay me???i´m still waiting, over a month now!!!!

shane: hi

shane: let me check please wait.

lola11: ok

shane: Sorry but there is some technical problems in moneybookers

shane: that's why your withdrawal is pending

lola11: yes, but you ask me for two weeks for my detalis for a wire transfer and say, it will me done very soon!!!

lola11: since 3 weeks, you tell me every day a other lie!!!

lola11: henry say last week, it will be done on monday

lola11: for 2 weeks a person say it will be done in 2 days

lola11: the a other person say 8-10 buisness day

lola11: pleace call your finance team

lola11: i will my money today!!!!

shane: ok

lola11: or i write very day a compaint in all casino forums

lola11: i wait enough!!!

shane: let me forward your details to finance team again

shane: and you will get reply Soon.

lola11: they had all information, that they need

lola11: i hope, and i will my money today!!!!

shane: Sorry but I am not sure about this you get your money today

lola11: say your finance team, i will my money today!!!!

shane: Don't worry your money is safe

shane: ok

lola11: safe for you, not for me.

lola11: i wait of the reply from the finance team today!!!

shane: ok

lola11: ty

posted on November 6, 2012.

Yesterday i get a Email. They will pay me in a few days. The Live Support say today or tomorrow, i will see, but i believe nothing until my money is not on my bank account.

posted on November 8, 2012.

they don´t pay me, yesterday the live support say i need to withdrawal with neteller, than i get my money in 2 days, but for this i need to deposit again, becauce i did not make a deposit with neteller. but i do not make a deposit again. they had all information for a wire transfer, when momeybookers not work. they lie every day.since over 4 weeks!!!

i feel helpless!!!