Cosmik Casino - Two differents terms and conditions

litodelazari Argentina
posted on November 20, 2013.

Hello, i deposited 20 euro on this casino, and received bonus + free spins here,

After play a lot, reach to 215 euro and ask for cashout of 132 euro because system deleted all my bonus received (-83 euro).

But received an email with this information: "your cashout was denied because we saw irregular play" please contact support.

I tried to contact mail support but didnt get any answer so i went to live support and they explainme this: you played poker 3D (1 euro chip) and once you bet 7 euro bet (preflop 1euro + flop 1euro to the final step) you cant bet more than 30% of your credited bonus.

If system took away 83 euro in bonus 7 euro are 8.43% thats why i contact support again, reading tyc (General Bonus Terms And Conditions point *13) https:­//w­ww.c­os­mik­cas­­m/b­onu­s-t­erm­s-c­ond­iti­ons­/?l­ang=en

Crearly talk about capped 30% bet of the bonus received but operator gave me the "real" TYC https:­//w­ww.c­os­mik­cas­­m/g­ene­ral­-te­rms­-co­ndi­tio­ns/­?la­ng=en (point 102)

and there talk about 30% capped bet taking deposit amount.

Awfull support, how is possible this casino have two differents TyC, they look for minimal detail to denied any payment thats clear.

When i tried to cashout original deposit amount, this casino "give me" 10 euro bonus gift and now cant cashout !!

I demand a compensation and my original deposit.

posted on November 20, 2013.


Good evening, thanks for bringing us the issue and tomorow concerned manager will contact in order to solve problem.


Alex Alfa

litodelazari Argentina
posted on November 23, 2013.

System take away 10 euro "gift", just that, no explanation or apologies nothing......

I want an explanation why this casino have two differents TyC

To be honest when i played poker 3D how could know this is 7 bet phase poker...

Anyway, be aware from this casino, take a look at this withdrawal policies:

*The minimum withdrawal amount is €100 per withdrawal.

*The method of payment will depend on the methods used to deposit on your player account, as follows:

We will reverse your deposits to the original deposit source.

Any additional winnings will be sent by Wire Transfer to your bank account.

I cant understand why this casino pays winnings only via Wire Transfer...just here

posted on November 24, 2013.

hello Dear litodelazari,

After meeting the agent in charge of your account i got some information.

we tried to call you many times but phone never answer or wrong number, in order to give the explanations you required we also sent you an email to the email you provided in your player account.

Regarding rules of withdrawal :

1- we are subject to specific requirements from our regulator in Malta as we are licensed in European gaming Commission.

2- "We will reverse your deposits to the original deposit source.

Any additional winnings will be sent by Wire Transfer to your bank account" THIS IS ALSO A PROPER REQUIREMENT OF THE REGULATION IN ORDER TO AVOID AND REDUCE FRAUD ISSUES AS WELL AS AGAINST MONEY LAUNDRY. But yes we offer other different method of withdrawal like Neteller, Skrill etc...

We will be more than happy to call you (if you can provide us a real number) or exchange with you through emails in order to solve your issue and reply to all questions you could have in order to provide the best Gaming experience possible as i you are real player (saw your posts and different casinos reviews on Askgamblers)

Your Agent is waiting for you to reply to our last email and solve your issue.

Best regards,

Alex Alfa

litodelazari Argentina
posted on November 27, 2013.

Of course im a real player and thats my phone number just im not at home frequently.What you trying to say?

Only want this from you,please explain here why exists two different TyC:

*Bonus TyC (max bet capped to bonus amount) point #13


*General TyC (max bet capped to deposit amount) point #102


Explain to AskGamblers users and me this situation, just that.