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32Red Casino - Complaint against 32Red Verification Team Leader & Payout Issue

Complaint Info
Disputed casino 32Red Casino
Reason Verification issues
xwinx10 United Kingdom Message
Posted on April 15, 2017

I opened my 32red poker & casino account on 16th August 2016 and shortly after, I was requested to send some verification documents. I complied with the requests and I was informed that my account was fully verified.

From the very start, on the 32red website I was not able to transfer the funds between poker & casino wallets. I requested various chat staff members to resolve this transfer issue that was lingering for over 1 month now; however, they could not resolve this issue.

I was later contacted by Claire on 17th Oct 2016, customer service team supervisor and I was informed that a new account shall be opened for me with the approval of the poker manager. At the time, I stopped playing at 32red site due to the above mentioned issues and also I had bad run.

I should inform you that my deposits amounted to over GBP 50k and withdrawal amount to about GBP 20k in my old account. I started playing back in 32 Red casinos in March 2017 in the same old account.

However, after experiencing the same old transfer issues that I complained about to the chat staff earlier, I was informed by a chat staff that a new account will be created for me by the team supervisor. I was also informed by the supervisor that I do not need to provide any further verification, as they have moved my old profile from my old account to this new account.
In this new account, I had experienced for the very first time a good run at 32red website. I deposited just over GBP 1k and withdrawn GBP 2,500 successfully and I had a pending withdrawal of GBP 4,800 and GBP 1,000.

However, my withdrawals of 4,800 and 1,000 were not getting approved for some days. I was contacted by security team at 32red plc requesting me an id confirmation and address confirmation. I complied with all the requests and I received an email by David that all checks are completed on 28th March 2017 and they have escalated the issue about processing my payment.

However, I never received my money for 2 days and I know through experience that Neteller withdrawals are instant. Upon enquiry, I was contacted by Emma (32 Red Security Team Leader) that she accused me of opening multiple accounts and my logins were coming from different IP addresses so she wanted to run some play checks again on my account. She also wanted my id confirmation & address confirmation again & I should wait until her investigation is over.

I was not happy about it, however, I complied with her requests and submitted all the verification documents again.

Every time I enquired about if the investigation was over, I was informed she is not on leave for that day or she has left for work. By now, the security team leader, Emma had made me wait for over 2 weeks now.

I was allowed to reverse the GBP 1,000 withdrawal though the help of customer service team and that I played in casino and lost. However, I left the 4,800 withdrawals as pending in my account.

I was not happy with the delays in the investigation, especially after having receiving email confirmation over verification of my account. I did not understand the length of time it was taking to release my funds. I felt that the 32red staff wanted me reverse all my withdrawals and play and loose the funds at their website and hence they were delaying my payment.

By now, I had submitted my passport id, driving license, utility bill confirmation, council maintenance charges bill & also my credit report. I also was informed that they run electoral roll search on me at my UK address.

I requested 32red staff them to release my pending withdrawal of GBP 4,800, as I had to travel abroad soon and I need those funds urgently.

Eventually, I was emailed by Emma (Security Team Leader) that they need some source of funding documentation and require address verification, like a bank statement received by post.

As I had left abroad, I was not able to send the verification document recently received by post. I sent them confirmation of my overseas residence with confirmation of credit card bill received by post. I also checked with 32red staff if they allow players from Pakistan and I was informed that they allowed players to play from Pakistan.

However, I was shocked to be informed by Emma that they have decided to close my accounts and she accused me for deceiving her investigation over address confirmation and will no longer provide me with the 4,800 withdrawal request. I was also informed by her I will never be allowed to open a new account at 32 red or sister companies and that I should never contact their support staff.

I told her that I am in dire need of those funds from my 32red account due to financial stress and I felt really grieved over her decision. I assured I would comply with her requests and not contact any 32red staff but I kindly requested her to release my pending withdrawal funds.

I received her email to my surprise informing me that after review with her manager and my accounts I would be provided with GBP 4,001 & that I should contact Gamcare.

Overall Complaints

The security team accused for opening multiple accounts, when clearly 32 Red customer chat staff were the ones who opened it up for me, as my previous account had software transfer problems. To my credit, I never played again in my old account after the new account was opened and functioned properly; however, they had left both accounts opened for me to do so.

While the security investigation was on going related to play checks and verification checks on my account, 32 Red customer service staff and their supervisors were happy for me to play in my new account. They informed me that there were no restrictions to play with the funds I have on the account and reversed the 1k withdrawal themselves, but I was not allowed to deposit or withdraw any further in this account. In hindsight, this makes me feel that they just wanted me to lose my existing funds on the account that I had secured through requests of withdrawals.

While the security investigation on my new account was ongoing, I was asked for different documents of evidence by different personals from the security team. It did not appear that a consistent approach was applied in obtaining the required information from me and a lot of in-consistencies were found in their security investigation. Hence, I became very frustrated over the matter.
Emma wanted to initially run some play checks on my account. When, everything was found to be ok she was not happy with address verification sent earlier and she could not find any records of documents relating to address verification. I did not understand where the other security personals were storing my verification documents in their system. When I told her that I would be leaving to go abroad, she waited for some time and after when I had left to go abroad, she wanted some documents from me received by post and until then, I would not be allowed to withdraw.

David from the security team emailed me stating all verifications were completed and that my funds request will be getting escalated for payment.

Leigh in security team wanted me to provide the security team with funding proofs only. When I did provide her with funding proofs, they were not happy and kept on making me wait for withdrawal.

The customer service chat staff kept on assuring me that they delays were due to some play checks and there was nothing wrong and I can continue playing on the account.


I should be paid my remaining GBP 800 in any case and that I should be considered to play at 32RED again.

Posted on April 18, 2017

Dear 32Red Casino,

Please let us know if there's some update regarding this case.

Posted on April 19, 2017

Hi Umar,

Thank you for raising your concerns with us. Please note this is being looked into by our support team and we will respond shortly.


xwinx10 United Kingdom Message
Posted on April 20, 2017

Dear Steph,

I look forward in you welcoming me back as a customer and resolving the issues highlighted above.


Posted on April 24, 2017

Dear 32Red Casino,

Please let us know if there's some update regarding this case.

Posted on April 27, 2017

Hi Umar,

Steph passed over your query and I have since investigated this with our Player Experience and Security teams.

As previously advised, the funds in question were reversed by yourself into the gaming account and played and lost. We are not able to refund these funds.

As for the future account status I am afraid we have taken the decision not to reopen your account. We prefer not to do business with players who mask their location.

This will be our final statement on this matter on AskGamblers. If you would like to take this any further I would suggest you raise this with our own internal complaints procedure.


Posted on April 30, 2017

Dear @xwinx10,

Please confirm that you reverse and played off your winnings. Keep in mind that in case you fail to respond within the given time frame we will consider your issue as rejected and your complaint will be closed accordingly.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Posted on May 4, 2017

Based on casino's last post it is now obvious that the disputed withdrawal amount has been reversed by the player and played off, also even we ask player for confirmation he didn't reply to AskGamblers Complaints Team. In such situation, AskGamblers Complaints Team have no other option, but to reject the case as the main complaints subject is no longer valid.

Posted on August 26, 2020

Based on casino's last post it is now obvious that the disputed withdrawal amount has been reversed by the player and played off, also even we ask player for confirmation he didn't reply to AskGamblers Complaints Team. In such situation, AskGamblers Complaints Team have no other option, but to reject the case as the main complaints subject is no longer valid.

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