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ClassyCoin Casino Scammed Me

Posted on 24 July 2014

Dear friends,

I'm writing in order to give some publicity of my problem with ClassyCoin.

On 24 April 2013 I processed a deposit to Classycoin casino worth $21 for verification purposes of my casino account. I won $109 which I would like to withdraw but in order to do that, I must have sbmitted a faxback form and a deposit. The minimum is $21!

On 2 May, my scheduled withdrawal has been declined, the sum of $109 ( winnings ) has been void and the sum of $21 ( deposit ) has been returned back to my casino account with the comment that I have previously redeemed several no deposit bonus coupons and according to their Terms and Agreements, I must redeem only one bonus code before a deposit has been processed! Later on, I wrote an email to their Finance Department asking for a refund of my deposit worth $21 because the purpose of this deposit was "Account verification", it was not intented for playing purposes! Still, there is no answer from their Finance Department.

After several chat sessions with Classycoin support team, I was proposed several times to redeem a coupon with 400% bonus above my initial deposit which I refused and claimed that I would like a refund because I do not agree with their terms. Additionally, before I process my deposit, I was not told that my winnings will be canceled because I have redeemed more than 1 bonus code. I can also add that player can see his/her history only within 30 days so I cannot know how many coupon codes I have redeemed ( Perhaps somewhere back in the history, I have! )

On 8 May, I chatted with a representative of the support team again! The name was "Katty". She closed my casino account and pointed that all my accounts in their sister casinos will also be suspended because I insist on a refund. I agreed with that! After the suspention of my accounts, their Finance Department has not refunded my initial deposit worth $21. They do not answer me via email or a phone call ( as I asked! ). Every time I chat with the support and ask them when will my deposit be refunded, they always claim that they have no access to financial information and they do not know when it will be processed. I also gave them an ultimatum within they could refund my deposit. They failed and I filed a fraud case with Skrill.

This is the whole case! I am still waiting for my deposit to be sent back to my Skrill account as a refund. They do not answer neither to my emails nor to support messeges! ( or they just claim to pass my requests and don't do that! )

Posted on 16 May 2013

Dear Player:

We are looking into this and will get back to you soon.


The ClassyCoin Team

Posted on 16 May 2013


As you are looking into that case for more than the reasonable period which according to your Terms and Conditions is 10 business days, I have already sent another email where I have claimed a compensation for the overdue!

Your options are $1 per day for every day of overdue OR returning back and paying my winnings.

The reason for that is breaching your reasonable time for withdrawals. If you claim that I have broken a term ( p.4 from your Bonus Terms ) you are the last one to breach your terms!

Posted on 16 May 2013

Amount: USD 21.00

Skrill Transaction ID: 874013590

Your Transaction ID for this payment:

Detail 1: Refund 19826427

Refund of your deposit transaction 19826427 trace 19826427


Should anyone open a scam complaint in order to receive his/her deposit or winnings?!

Additionally, where is my $1 for overdueing with 1 business day my refund request?!

Let me remind you that according to your terms, withdrawals are processed within 5-7 business days! It took 11 business days to process my refund. WHY?!

Posted on 21 May 2013

Dear Player,

While I understand your frustration, our terms and conditions are clear regarding the use of multiple no deposit bonus codes. Per your request, we refunded your initial deposit via Skrill.


The ClassyCoin Team

Posted on 22 May 2013

Dear ClassyCoin,

Firstly, we ( as players ) expect from casinos to follow their terms and agreements!

If you claim that someone is breached a point from your T&Cs, you MUST tell the player BEFORE he/she submits his/her application form for account verification!

Secondly, if you say that you follow your T&Cs, why my refund has been completed long after your period ( 5-7 business days ), published under p.12. If casino management does not follow the established terms, how do they expect players to follow the rules?! It was processed after 11 business days which is out of your holding period. In other words, you failed to comply with p.12

Do yo agree with my statement?!

Why did you close my account ( "because of security reasons" ), instead of saying "Sorry, we really breached our terms"?! I am NOT a cheater and I never request refunds from casinos. This time, I had a reason to ask for a refund and it was because of your completely unprofessional behavior!

Will you continue to act in the same way?!

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