ClassyCoin Casino nightmare

posted on December 8, 2012.

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classycoin casino bad checks history

Posted: 30th November 2012, 1:47 AM by theresasart

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I had posted a complaint in September because I couldnt get them to pay me the 12,000 I won. Well it only got worse. They have sent me 3 bad checks and did unbelievable damage to my bank account. I just got a notice my account is overdrawn over 900.00 because the check I got to cover another bad check they sent me didnt clear the bank. again! I have made many attempts toget a wire transfer for the rest of my money to fix my account and I get no response. They say they are doing an upgrade and cant get the info needed to pay anyone right now because of the upgrade. I notifed them tonight of the notice I got from my bank today and had another lengthy conversation with the live chat,with no resolution in sight. I have no money to cover the checks and it has cost me so much in fees that I cant fix.I thought it was bad that it took over a month to get anything from them but looking back it wasnt as bad as when they did start the checks because 3 have bounced and over 500.00 in fees on these checks.I would and will send the copy of the conversation but there was a bit of cursing and anger at my present situation.They still owe me 6000.00 and will probably never see it.They had started sending 1000.01 wire transfers for 7000.00 but it stopped after 10-27-12 and sent the check to cover the last one that bounced and as I said it bounced as well.