ClassyCoin Casino - my balance is gone

posted on January 21, 2013.

DO NOT PLAY AT CLASSY COIN. DO NOT PLAY AT CLASSY COIN. I won $7500 at classy coin. I asked for a withdrawal for the entire amount and they would not allow it. They will only allow $3000 to be taken out at a time. (First sign of BS) So, I withdrew $3000 and waited. They said it takes 10 days to process a withdrawal (Second sign of BS) After about 3 days, I log in to find my balance at $2000. I asked what happened to the $2500 the use to be part of $4500 playable balance. The answer is really disturbing. Not only was $2500 gone, the entire $4500 playable balance was gone. The $2000 was a result of their finance dept. approving $1000 and sticking $2000 back into my playable balance. When I asked what happened to the $4500, they said I played it down. BULLSHIT! I DID NOT PLAY IT DOWN. When I asked why only $1000 was approved, they said authorization depends on the player for security reasons. (third sign of BS) So, I contact my account manager, who's direct phone number nobody at classycoin will give me, (fourth sign of BS) and she said I played it down in Blackjack. THE ENTIRE $4500. Then, she gave me the security reasons nonesense about the $1000. So, I immediately withdrew the $2000 and told her I will not play it. Then, I get an email saying a little over $500 was returned to my checking account for my deposits, even though I have deposited over $1500 with them, Well, I went to log in to check on my pending withdrawal,( you know, the 10 day thing) and I was not allowed to log in. When I contact my account manager, she said that due to security reasons and an administrative decision my account was closed. I asked about my $2000 withdrawal and she said it was ok, not to worry. However, I just received an email from the finance department saying that because my account was closed, my winnings are void. This is probably the most ridiculous thing that has happened to me with online casinos. Think how crazy their behavior is. If you win, they can simply close your account, refund your money, and not pay you out. Do the math. I won $7500, they refund a little over $500 (I'll keep it $500 for simpicity) and they save $7000!!! Thats absurd. Lets just say, I played the $4500. How do they justify not paying out the $2000 I had as a pending withdrawal? Insane. I hope askgamblers will attempt to resolve this situation. I don't see anything happening, but, at least I can warn others away from classy coin. So, I repeat DO NOT PLAY AT CLASSY COIN CASINO.