Classy Coin Casino is fraudulent

posted on August 30, 2012.

I was approved to withdrawal money from Classy Coin Casino and 10 days after requesting a withdraw i received an email from their "finance" department, a department that just so conveniently communicates only through email states that they can not approve my withdraw due to the "playing patterns" i implemented to win the money.

I don't understand, why would i not try to come up with a system that benefited me or at least made the odds a little more in my favor? I am in this to try and win some money.

It was only $400, it was not thousands of dollars... if i had a system that was so effective dont you think it would have been a lot more than $400. Its not even 3x times my original investment.

Also in the body of the email, they tell me that they have refunded my original deposit of $150 back into my casino account. LOL seriously! well how do i withdraw those funds? they wont let me...also why would they disapprove of my gaming practices but refund my casino account? Do they want me to gamble more? im confused... i also noticed that they wont even let me log into the account anymore..

I think what Classy Coin Casino is trying to say is: Please come to our casino aimlessly. You can only gamble and withdraw money if you are a complete moron and win by sheer luck. If you happen to notice patterns in our casino gaming, please ignore them. or we will shut your account down and you will not see a single cent.


To askgamblers: I have e-mails to legitimize this complaint. Let me know if you would like me to send them to you.