ClasssyCoin Casino - Software calculates winnings in a wrong way?

posted on January 11, 2014.

On January 7,2014 I deposited a small amount of money at this casino and was given a bonus. Kinda of funny because I dont remember asking for this bonus. It shows I asked for it 2 days prior to depositing my money. Anyways, I was playing Keno on a .25 cent per bet at 5 spots (played 10x). I hit 5/5 which should have payed 800. I looked at the payout it said 106. I also hit 3/5 twice on that run. 3/5 pays 2 . My total should of been 804. Mine showed 106. This doesnt even make sense. I contacted support with my screen still on the active win and they told me it showed them it payed $25 for 100x my bet. Ive wrote numerous emails to them and no responses. I have done what they asked and sent screenshots which include the picture of the winning keno numbers AND the chat with support. No one wants to get back with me.