Cherry Casino void my winnings of 3100 euro!!!

agustinpe Israel
posted on July 22, 2014.

i found out that cherry casino close my account and void my winnings,i am shocked and very upset,i will explain you everything that happen until today-i won at cherry casino 3100 euro,they just drive me crazy with lots of demands for documents and i supply for everything that they ask for, included picture myself with an hold of id more then 10 times maybe, finally they send me an email that my account is fully verify and i can make withdrawals,i made my withdrawal and now they claiming that they have doubt about the documents and they locked my account and void my winnings?! please tell how is it possible to say something like this after they already approved my account and actually abuse me with so many requests.i find this very bad behavior and not honest at all, to treat me like that?

posted on July 28, 2014.

Dear agustinpe,

Please be advised that your documents were reviewed by a senior Payments & Fraud agent and we can confirm that the documents that you sent for identification did not satisfy our due diligence checks in line with our terms and conditions , specifically point 5.1 ‘payments will only qualify for withdrawal after having completed the full KYC procedures.’ In this case the payment was not processed, account was closed and full deposit was refunded.

Kind regards

agustinpe Israel
posted on July 28, 2014.

Hello Again,

i have email that you have sent me that says that my documents are accepted and my account are fully came you have locked my account and void my winnings please
Explain how can casino like you behave and make some ridiculous excuses.

posted on July 29, 2014.

Dear Agustinpe,

After you sent the first set of documents these were verified at the initial stage, however further security checks where necessary at a later stage due to the high amount of the withdrawal in which we requested a photo rather than a scan. The second set of documents were analysed by a senior agent and did not pass our identification security check, therefore the payment was not processed, account was closed and full deposit was refunded.

Kind regards,

agustinpe Israel
posted on July 29, 2014.

again this is not true at all,it took me a long time to get approved of the documents and first set of documents was not approved,and the reason why you void my winnings is that you claim that my skrill account was not verified and i did verified it as you can check. you just making desperate excuses why not pay me! i thought your casino had class and integrity but as every can see that you are not! i I recommend to think twice before going to play there!

posted on July 30, 2014.

Considering this complaint, we got a proof that this player's documents didn't pass a security check in the casino. So under 5.1 T&C of the casino in this case the payment wasn't processed and account was closed. Deposit was fully refunded. We are considering this complaint resolved.