Castle Casino - they just refuse to pay out?????

hercul Belgium
posted on February 26, 2014.

this guys are just refusing to pay out.

they keep saying a lot of workload ??? wich is just a bunch of rubish

I play with huge site wich have over 3000 betting shops and over a miljoen registerd custumers and when i cash out the money is in my neteller account in less than 2 h.

so this guys telling players the cashier has just tooo mutch work to send out the cash outs is just a joke.

I am waiting over a week for my small cash out wich still has not been send. funny think is the money is Always available on my playebal account and each time i log in and go to a table the money is just right there to play with. not in proccesing account or cancel withdraw page just right there to use.

so that just shows that castle wish not to pay out honestley and correctly and only think they care about is to keep u on the tables so u do lose ur money . how big or small the amounth is.

wich is shame full.

and yes we can have over 100 deposites a day and each in matter of secounds but u can have only 2 withdraws a week??? wich once again must be a joke or part of a scam.

so if u wish to play and cash out sometimes i guess castle is just not the right place.

posted on February 27, 2014.

The full payout was processed and sent to this player over 24 hours before this complaint was posted, any delays would simply be the bank processing delays from this point forward.

Looking through this players history I can see that they're a long standing member of the casino and have had multiple withdrawals processed without issue, including one processed within the target 24 hour time frame just last week.

We have 24 hour live support and will happily answer any questions that this player has in regards to the payout.

Kind Regards,

Castle Casino Support

posted on March 11, 2014.

 hercul, have you received the payment so far?