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Castle Casino - Casino takes back winnings

Complaint Info
Disputed casino Castle Casino
Reason Casino terms violation
Posted on May 16, 2014

Hello, I deposited 100 at Castle Casino. I received a 200 bonus. I didn't break any bonus terms in my playing. They decided they didn't like how I played and have taken back all my winnings of 1000.

They said I used a "betting system" and are quoting a vague clause: "11.1. All our promotions are designed for genuine players who may be interested in continuing membership and play at the casino and are happy to wager with and risk their own money. Promotions may be deemed void at any time to individuals or groups who are suspected to abuse or have a record of promotional abuse or fraud at CastleCasino.com or any of our affiliate merchants. Any winnings accrued by such individual or groups will be deemed void and withheld.”

Let me be clear. I did not violate any specific betting rule in their terms in either games I played or how I played them. I am not part of any group, although they have not accused me of that. They simply don't want to pay.

They have now retroactively altered the terms slightly since I played.


Posted on May 20, 2012


This player has not posted the full story and seems to have omitted most of the communication we have had in an attempt to make us appear disreputable.

We noticed a group of players claiming the largest possible bonus (usually through a third party source where we offer an exclusive) then accruing winnings through our RNG Classic Blackjack, which does not contribute to the wagering requirements. The players would then always deviate straight to our RNG European Roulette and place repeat no/low-risk bets (almost identical between accounts) in order to meet the wagering requirements associated with the bonus at which point they would withdraw. This was not an issue we took with one players gameplay, it was a large group of players doing near exactly the same thing and nearly always winning large amounts.

We have no sufficient reason to suspect that this player was part of a group or network, or even that a group exists. However it became very clear that a number of players (some had won and been paid 3-4 times using this after claiming redeposit bonus offers) where taking advantage of bonuses and following a SET STRATEGY of gameplay to withdraw again and again.

Due to this we agreed that this player was abusing the bonus and applied term 11.1 as the player has stated: "11.1. All our promotions are designed for genuine players who may be interested in continuing membership and play at the casino and are happy to wager with and risk their own money. Promotions may be deemed void at any time to individuals or groups who are suspected to abuse or have a record of promotional abuse or fraud at CastleCasino.com or any of our affiliate merchants. Any winnings accrued by such individual or groups will be deemed void and withheld.”

From this point did not close the players account or confiscate any winnings. Instead we contacted the player saying that we believe she is abusing the bonus by using this strategy and she will have to meet the wagering requirements associated without playing European Roulette again due to the strategic nature of her previous play. The winnings where still open to the player and we made that very clear.

The player then replied asking some questions and mentioning that she will complain, we replied to the questions and stated once again that the winnings are available however you will be required to meet the wagering requirements without the strategy we have identified. The player then emailed back stating that the funds in the account should be freely available otherwise they will complain.

We offered the player the chance to keep her winnings and wager through the bonus fairly several times, however they refused to do this. In the players own words “I will expect my balance to be freely available to me. Short of that, yes I would to issue a complaint.”. Due to this we were left with no option but to lock the players account for bonus abuse and refund their deposit. We did not just “confiscate winnings” as stated.

We are not a casino that kicks everybody and anybody out because we don’t like the way they have played as stated, we take cases like this extremely seriously and when a clear strategy to abuse the bonus is being used by a large number players we do need to act. We did not just rush in and confiscate winnings, we offered the chance for the player (and others) to wager through their balance fairly, since they have refused to do this on several occasions we are left with very little choice but to refund the players deposit.

Due to the this case we added European Roulette to our wagering restricted list, this was AFTER we asked the player not to play the game again and the new term clearly protects us from future bonus abuse. We have not retroactively altered any terms that we have mentioned in this case or that we have applied to the player, by making general, silly and short statements such as this the player is simply trying to make us sound corrupt - something I hope that most can see through.

I'm happy to answer any questions anyone has on here in regards to this case.

Kind Regards,

Alex – CastleCasino.com

Posted on June 5, 2012

I stipulate that I played blackjack and then I played European roulette, just as the casino says. However, that only enhances my case. This is because the casino ALLOWED for this type of play. The rules SPECIFICALLY said bj could be played. (I have the screenshot.) The rules SPECIFICALLY said euro roulette counted for the bonus.

Then after I won, they try to use this vague catch-all term that could be applied to anyone in any circumstance at the casino's discretion. How am I supposed what they consider "abuse." How am I supposed to read their minds? I broke no stated rule. In fact, it was stated that bj could be played and roulette counted for the bonus.

Furthermore, I have repeatedly asked the casino who their regulator is. I have asked five times. The casino has dodged answering me each time. Are they unregulated? Why would a supposedly fair casino not tell who their regulator is? What are they trying to hide?

thank you

Posted on June 5, 2012

We have not denied that the rules allowed the player to play those games, this was stated very clearly in my last response.

We do however have rules also state that blatant systems, as used by yourself and a large number of other players within a small period, are banned.

This is not a catch all term that we apply on a whim, if it was the case that we applied it unless in blatantly obvious and extreme cases then we would have plenty of complaints on websites such as Ask Gamblers. I'll ask anyone who reads this to find another complaint on the internet regarding our casino apart from this player to make up their minds on that, this is the first complaint in 2 years of service and something we would not allow over a small amount of winnings unless a clear terms and conditions breach by a large group.

We replied to your email weeks ago regarding our regulated jurisdiction telling you that all the information was in our terms and conditions, as it is in the second paragraph. Saying that we have not responded to this is another complete fabrication and once again an attempt to make us appear disreputable.

Posted on June 7, 2012

1. The casino has repeatedly called me a liar, resorting to ad hominem attacks because they have no grounds for an actual argument. They are the ones misleading in fact. Case in point: the second paragraph of their terms does in no way state who their regulator is. I invite everyone to read it for themselves. It says in full:

Financial transactions are completed through our European subsidiary Earthsky Limited. Earthky Limited is incorporated in Nicosia, Cyprus and has it's registered address at: 10 Samou Street, Elysium Building, Agioi Omologities, P.C. 1086, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Where in there does it say who the regulator is? Nowhere. Your financial processing company is NOT the same as your regulator Castle Casino. Did you know this? Your company's location does not indicate your regulator either.

I ask again: Who is your regulator? What body? Why can't you answer this simple question?

2. What do "a large number of other players" have to to with me? You yourself said you do not suspect me part of a group. Why do you insist on bringing this up? It is not relevant at all to my case. This an attempt to smear me it appears.

3. It is not the player's responsibility to pay for the casino's errors. If your terms are vague and unclear that is your mistake, not mine. Pay the players and then fix your terms for the future. That would be honorable. Don't pass the cost of your mistake on to me by taking my winnings. You admit I broke no, specific, stated terms in your responses. Case closed.

User rd120786 agrees. Are we part of a group now too?

Posted on June 8, 2012

The second paragraph states that we are operated by "a live online gaming company incorporated and regulated in Costa Rica", the paragraph you have pasted is the 3rd paragraph on the page.

We've been through the other questions several times, via Ask Gamblers and other means of contact. We can't continue to go round in circles with this and therefore have no further comments on this unless of course you can raise a new valid point.

Kind Regards,


Posted on June 8, 2012

It's odd how you have put the onus on me to raise a "valid" point. The onus is clearly on you to show how you are in the right to take winnings from me when I have broken no rule. You certainly have not done this, as the commenter in this discussion has pointed out. In fact, everything you have said only helps my claim: The games I played were not restricted, I am not part of a group, etc. Did you read the comments from the third party?

Now since you are losing the discussion you want to run away?

As to your gaming license, it is indeed not noted in the second paragraph as you claim. The first statements in your terms page are a disclaimer and not part of the terms themselves. So, the part you reference regarding the license is actually in the first paragraph.

You still haven't answered the question though, unsurprisingly. What body do I contact with a complaint? You say you are licensed in Cost Rica. Ok. So. Whom do I contact to file? That is what I want to know. The address. The phone. The email. The website. Any legitimate casino should be happy to provide these details without making the player go to outside channels.

Posted on June 22, 2012

 After the investigation, we found this case as the breach of casino rules and regular playing behaviour , so have to decide in favor of casino. This complaint is solved!

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