Casinodelrio doesn't pay and doesn't reply to my emails

posted on May 17, 2011.

Dear Team AskGamblers,

It has been over a month now. This story went like this. Over a month ago around end of March, I downloaded, installed and registerd at Casinodelrio.

I deposited 100 euros and tried to claim the welcome bonus. The customer support told me that I wasn't allowed to receive any bonus. Frustrated as I was, I still gambled some on Blackjack without receiving any bonus. And made my 100 euro's into 300 euro's. Hence I asked for a withdrawal through the Cashier.

I got this email from them asking some documents, which i have sended. I believe they were accepted, since they haven't emailed me back that they were declined. I sended this on 20 april 2011.

Afther that, I only got emails back from their support, that I wasn't allowed to withdraw anything, because they claim (their financial support) that I had received a welcome bonus and hadn't obligded to their terms and conditions.

I have emailed them several times, saying and trying to explain that i have never received any welcombe bonus, because i wasn't allowed to. Now they don't respond to any of my emails anymore.

This is what they email me (it's in french):

Bonjour David,

Vous avez récemment effectué une demande de retrait après avoir reçu un bonus.

Or, vous ne vous êtes pas conformé aux termes et conditions des bonus, car vous n’avez pas misé la somme totale requise et/ou vous avez placé des mises sur des jeux exclus (veuillez consulter la liste des jeux exclus à http:/­/ww­w.c­asi­nod­elr­io.c­om­/fr­/bo­­ml#­gen­eral).

Nous avons donc décliné votre demande de retrait et reversé le montant du retrait dans votre compte. Vous êtes prié de miser une somme supplémentaire de Belgium:wage ok, waiting ID,POA (Aneth 30 April 11)(T)

**BS aux jeux autorisés, avant d’effectuer une autre demande de retrait.

Basically it says that i had received a bonus (which i didn't) and that's the reason they don't want to pay me.

Anyway, I think this is really not fair and strange. First they say i wasn't allowed to receive any bonus. Now i have made a little profit and than they claim that i have received a bonus.

Please do help me. If needed i have made a printscreen of the transaction history at Casino Del Rio. Since it is a playtech casino, I understood, that if you receive any bonus it will show up in the transaction history. But on my printscreen of Casino Del Rio, you will see that i have only deposited and received no bonus and that I have asked for a withdrawal 2 time, which were all declined.

Hope you or anyone can help me. And do stay away from this casino. It is really a malpractice to treat your customer this way. I don't mind and completely could understand if there is some miscommunication. But not responding to my emails, is just really ... I prefer not to say that word here.

Thank you for reading.

David Del'haye

posted on May 18, 2011.

I would like to update the situation:

Casino Del Rio just emailed me. I think that's beause of you guys here at askgamblers! Thank you! finally they responded. But now this is my huge problem!

Now they ask me for my documents (IDcar­d/p­ass­por­t/d­river's license and an utilitybill).

The thing is: I have sended in these documents already TWICE:

one at 31 March 2011: IDCARD and bankstatement

second one at 20 april 2011: IDcard and a landline telephone bill

Now they ask it again! This can only mean that they have lost these documents! And i am not going to send in these documents again. How would i now, if they won't lost it again or try to sell it or whatever! I am really wary now to send in anything to them. Especially official documents!

That it could be, that they somehow lost the documents the first time... ok... is a possibility, but also the second time? And now they dare to ask me to send in the documents again!

Team of Askgamblers, you guys do understand my situation, that i am not going to send in any official documents anymore to them right? I find that too risky and dangerous. I have already lost all confidence in Casinodelrio and they should understand why.

I hope Casinodelrio will solve this matter in a quick way, because we are only talking about 300 euro's here. It is a lot of money for me, but i doubt that it's a lot to them.

With kind regards,

David Del'haye

posted on May 18, 2011.

Sorry for the spam.

But team Askgamblers. If you want. I can make a printscreen in my gmail, so you can see, that those emails (the emails with the documents attached) are in my 'sent inbox'.

thank you,

David Del'haye

posted on May 19, 2011.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We have conducted a thorough investigation into this matter. We noticed that in the email you sent us, the file attachments were larger than 1MB. In the email sent to you by our customer support team, we specify that files cannot be larger than 1 MB.

Casino Del Rio is a licensed and regulated Brand and as such, we must obtain proper documentation in order to verify financial transactions. We will contact you today; once all documents are in order, we will be able to process your withdrawal.

Casino Del Rio management is committed to the highest level of fairness and service. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Casino Del Rio – Customer Support

posted on May 20, 2011.

I have received my withdrawal today.

Askgamblers, thank you for helping me by putting this issue public. I think that was the only reason, Casinodelrio responded to my emails.

Casinodelrio: Thank you for the quick help and emails. Too bad it only started, after this issue was raised at Askgamblers.

With kind regards,

David Del'haye