Crazy Luck Casino - Casino stopped responding to me

Suzanna United States
posted on August 28, 2014.

I finally have won money and now that I try to make a withdrawal everything gets really complicated. The first time I tried withdrawing was 2 days ago I clicked on the option for wire transfer it went through fine until it said I exceeded the amount for the withdrawal so I tried a smaller amount and it still didn't work even though the max was $5,000.00 and that was the exact amount I tried at first. I reached out to the casino and spoke with Michael who stated it has been escalated and they will reach out to me by email when it's resolved. Since no one reached out to me I emailed the casino. I never got a respond from that either. Yesterday I chatted with another associate, William and he stated that in 24 hours then he stated 15-20 hours then he stated minimum 15 hours it would work and I asked for him to email me once the system works and he said "sure". So more than 24 hours later and I get no respond so now I have tried to call the casino at least 7 times with having absolutely no one pinking up my call. I have tried to chat but it seems like it only gives me a blank screen and I have also tried to email them again as well and still no respond. All of a sudden everyone from this casino has gone MIA and will not answer me in any way possible. I feel like I'm just going to keep getting a run around and never get the money I won even though they get the money I deposit very easily. Please help me make my withdrawal as this would be my first time. Thanks!

P.S. As you san see in the attached convo I had to wait almost 30 min for someone to even respond to me by chat yesterday